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Must-Visit Closest Beaches to Santa Ana

8 Must-Visit Closest Beaches to Santa Ana (2024)

The second most popular city of Orange County and one of the famous South Californian holiday spots, Santa Ana is indeed one magnificence to explore. However, the city has quite a unique taste in tourism, but the Basic Californian flavor “the authentic SoCal Beaches” to aren’t very far from reaching. Once you start driving 20 minutes south to Santa Ana, you will start coming across several beautiful and popular beaches aligned nicely. Even it is the nearest Newport beach or a little distanced Crystal Cove, the sandy Vibe, peaceful water, beachside fun, or coastal community’s shopping and dining opportunities; you would find everything here.

Even though Santa Ana isn’t a beachfront city but enjoying the seashore vibes isn’t difficult to catch during your trip here. To cover the closet and the most beautiful South Californian beaches during your trip to Santa Ana, make sure you go through the entire article. Here is a list of the 8 Must-visit closest Beaches to Santa Ana. Have a look:

8 Must-Visit Closest Beaches to Santa Ana

1. Huntington Beach

One of the best south Californian beaches, Huntington Beach, isn’t only a regular beach but a wholesome seaside city in itself. A half an hour drive from Santa Ana via S Fairview St. and the Adams Ave will take you towards this splendor. Huntington is known for its 9.5 miles uninterrupted coastline, excellent surfing opportunities, authentic beach culture, along mild climate. The year-round shining sun and the perfect warm temperature make it an ideal location for fun activities, including beach volleyball, stand-up paddle boarding, world-class Surfing, kayaking, beach bicycling, and whatnot. The northwest of the beach is also famous for kite surfing and windsurfing which attracts a huge crowd here all throughout the year. For beach enthusiasts who are willing to enjoy their energy all day long, Huntington Beach is surely one advantageous location. 

2. Newport Beach

Newport Beach is the ultimate holiday spot near Santa Ana and a popular beach in Orange county. A quick 15 minutes drive from Santa Ana via State Route 55 S will lead you towards the unending charm and adventure of Newport. It is a beautiful area, and beyond the authentic beach style radiant sun, sand, and surf, what draws tourists the most here is the sophisticated charm and serene natural beauty. With the vast expanse of clean and white sandy stretch, excellent view of the sunset, and the dramatic sky-sea views from the beachfront that is total to die for, not even an inch of Newport will disappoint you no matter which season or time you be here. Other than that, when here, one can also enjoy kayaking, sailing, boating, fishing, rowing, and paddle boating, considering it is noted as the U.S. West coast’s largest recreational boat harbor. If your timings are right, you can also be a part of the International Yacht race at Newport, which is also the largest sailboat race globally.

Best Beach to Visit in Santa Ana-Newport Beach

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3. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, also known as the real Orange County, is one of the must-visit beach locations from Santa Ana. It is about 20 minutes drive away from Santa Ana and can be reached via I-5 S and CA-133 S or the State Rte 55 S. Laguna beach is well known for its rich surfing history and is noted for holding several surfing competitions; though, the races are only open for the residents of this beach city. Apart from the surfing culture, it is the spectacular clifftop setting and the beach beauty during Springs that nourish the sight with a spectacular view that is not easier to grab generally around beaches. Alongside the regular sand and water, the surrounding becomes lush green with blooms of seasonal flowers bringing in another world charm right here. Further, for outdoor enthusiasts, Laguna beach offers various activities, including scuba diving, body-surfing, and snorkeling.

Amazing Beach to Visit in Santa Ana-Laguna Beach

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4. Long Beach

Long Beach is a place where you can look for some unconventional fun and vibrance waterfront scenes, both in a very pristine way. A drive via CA-22 W and I-405 N from Santa Ana will take somewhere half an hour to make you reach Long Beach. It is one fine place to grab a game of beach baseball and basketball as the urban waterfront playground is quiet Populus around the nearby cities. Some fun and adventurous water activities here include Surfing, water skiing, and sailing, for which the sight is also recognized internationally, all thanks to the annual events. Evenings here turn more into a celebration with live music and dance performance and visitors chilling their picnic scenes all around. Not only that, when here, you can also visit the nearby Long Beach Aquarium to view the famous 1930s ocean liner and the sea lions.

Top Beach to Visit in Santa Ana-Long Beach

Image Source Photo Courtesy Ken Lund

5. Alamitos bay beach

Alamitos bay beach is a part of Long Beach and lies somewhere between the Long Beach and Seal beach coastal cities. It is around 20 miles from Santa Ana, and a drive via CA-22 W will take no more than 30 minutes to reach here. It isn’t as grandeur as Huntington, Newport, or Long Beach, but for great views and lesser crowds, one can any day head towards Alamitos. It has a long and wide stretch ideal for cycling, walking, jogging, and running, and you would find the locals doing the same during early morning and evening hours here. The water here is clean though very chilly and might shiver your spines in the absence of sun. Alamitos bay beach has more of a calming and tranquil vibe than other Orange County beaches. Also, if you happen to be here till the late afternoons, consider staying till sunset and grab some marvelous views that you will cherish forever.

6. Seal Beach

Located at the west of Orange County, Seal Beach is a beachfront sight immensely loved by the locals. It is about 18 miles from Santa ana, and a quick 25 minutes drive via CA-22 W will lead your way here. On a sunny day, the sandy stretch of Seal Beach is often packed with sunbathers, whereas the water level is jeweled with both local and visiting surfers. It is more of a down-to-earth community with really nice people and tranquil surroundings. Seal Beach is also home to California’s second-longest wooden pier that was originally built in the early 1900s but was later restored for the one you see today. One can fish here without any permit and get a catch on perch, halibut, stingrays, and small sharks. Though locals also come to the pier for a leisurely walk and a quiet stay during early morning and evening hours. Seal Beach is a vantage point for sunsets; experiences a little extra crowd though still bearable from some other popular ones on the list.

7. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is a part of Huntington Beach and is known as one of the widest beaches in California. Santa Ana is about 18 to 20 miles from the beach, and the distance can be covered in about 25 minutes via CA-22 W, Bolsa Chica Rd, I-405 N, and Warner Ave. On sunny and warmer days, the beach is normally quieter, and you would find only sunbathers here. However, with the breeze in the sky, the beach is filled with kiteboarding experts and enthusiasts enjoying their day around on the surf.

Sunset Beach is adorned with basic beachside facilities and a huge 14-acre Green Belt park nearby that, though, is really a pretty side but gets even more alluring during the springs. You can find locals with their kids and pets strolling either on the sandy stretch or at the park all throughout the week, especially during the weekends.

8. Crystal Cove State Park Beach

Though Crystal Cove State Park is known for its extensive 2,400 acres of undeveloped woodland, its 3.2 miles of waterfront too is divine to experience. Being your 18 miles drive from Santa Ana via State Rte 55 S and CA-73 S and it will take no more than 22 minutes to reach the Crystal cove beach location. Crystal Cove has several beach accesses points that are dramatically unique from one another, as one would be rough and terrain, whereas the other would be lined with new homes and immaculate greens. All the access points are named Pelican Point, Los Trancos, and Reef Point. Reef Point is famous for two impressive coves, Pelican Point for its long walking trail and the Los Trancos for access via historic district of 1930s-style houses. The Crystal Cove State Park beach is famous for swimming, surfing, and exploring the famed tide pools and sandy coves.

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