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Pearson Farm, Fort Valley

8 Popular Places in Georgia For Peach Picking (2023)

Wondering where you can pick your own peaches in the Peach State? Well, in a few American States, for instance, ‘Georgia’. The Nation and world across known Georgia as the Peach State, all thanks to the official fruit ‘Peaches’. Georgia, along with California, South Carolina, and New Jersey, is one of the top four Peach-producing states. The typically milder climate in this southern U.S. state makes it ideal for growing red, juicy, and tangy peaches. And that is the reason that the bountiful crop of juicy Georgia peaches draws a large number of enthusiasts every year to the state.

People from Georgia and across are extremely passionate about trying peaches from the Peach State. And not only that, a huge number of individuals amongst them love coming to Georgia to handpick the juicy peaches. There are several great places to pick up fresh Georgia peaches. One can typically choose the time between June right through to September and get hands-on the maximum productivity. So why wait? While the peach picking season in Georgia is just around the corner, why not plan a trip for the same. And for that, here are some of our best recommendations for popular peach orchards in Georgia.

8 Popular Places in Georgia For Peach Picking

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1. Pearson Farm, Fort Valley

Pearson Farm is a century-old farm that has been growing peaches and pecans on the same land since 1885. Till now, about five generations of the family have pioneered it with good soil, hard work, honest dealings, and faith. While they don’t allow handpicking or tours of the orchard, one can visit here to buy the freshest fruits all across the season. Early June is known for the Clingstone peaches, whereas mid-June through September is known for Freestone and Prince peaches. A visit here allows guests to fill a bag with whatever is at the display for just $9. Besides peaches, Pearson farm also deals in peachy goods, plums, nectarines, pecans, preserves, and baked delights. The peach ice cream and peach pie available here is definitely a try-out dish.

2. Southern Belle Farm, McDonough

Southern Belle is a huge 330-acre farm owned and operated by a family. This working farm is 40 minutes from Atlanta and is a popular place for the best peach picking in Georgia. They produce up to 10 different peach varietals. The fruits here start ripening in early June and stay up for a long season. Throughout the summer season, visitors can either go for peach picking or enjoy the pre-picked peaches from the on-site market. Besides peaches, Southern Belle Farm is also popular for its cherries, strawberries, pumpkins, a corn maze, and old-fashioned family fun. The strawberries grown here are undoubtedly the reddest, riped, and flavourful ones. Southern Belle offers different encouragement for summers, spring, fall, and Christmas. It is one of the best places in Georgia for enjoying wholesome family fun.

3. Southern Grace Farms, Enigma

The Southern Grace Farms is a 7th generation farm in southern Georgia. The peach fruits here are highly dependent upon how the season goes. If the weather receives a certain amount of chill, the peaches will come out excellent. However, with uninterrupted warmness, the fruits may not crop. Southern Grace Farms grows several early, normal, and late bloomer peaches, ensuring to have a long season. Individuals can visit here and pick their own or buy pre-picked fresh peaches from their Country Shop. Besides Peaches, the other fruits you can pick here includes Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Citrus, Plums, Nectarines, and Muscadines. Besides providing fresh fruits, the farm also ensures family-friendly fun for all. They have a re-purposed farm tire playground and an excellent country store where one can play, eat, and relax with friends and family.

4. Dickey Farms, Musella

Home to the oldest, continuously operating peach packing house in Georgia, the Dickey Farms in Musella is a must-visit. It has been growing peaches in Georgia for over 120 years now, and today the long white building is a prominent landmark in historic Musella. The farm is home to more than 100,000 peach trees spanning a huge area of 1,000 acres. One can come here to pick or purchase over 20 peach varieties that primarily consist of Messina, Majestic, Flame Prince, Sunprince, Summerlady, and Red Globe. A visit to Dickey Farms isn’t just about picking peaches; there is a lot more to it.

Visitors can choose to indulge in other peach creations. The range of manufacturing products one can find here includes peach barbeque sauce, peach salt water taffy, peach jelly beans, peach cider, pickled peaches, old-fashioned peach preserves, old-fashioned peach butter, and more. The farm operates Monday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

5. Jaemor Farms, Alto

Jaemor Farms is undoubtedly one of the best places for peach picking in North Georgia. It is a family-owned and operated farm plus market that’s been running since 1912. In its over a century of production and supply, Jaemor Farms have proven its worth quite fruitfully. They produce and deal in ripe, homegrown peaches from June to mid-September. Apart from the juiciest red ones, the best peaches to try here are the ones with a golden yellow shade or a creamy undertone. Truly a feast for the sight and palate, they have more than just fruits. Using the peaches from their farm, Jaemor also creates its popular pudding, tea, and cobbler recipes that are a must-try. Jaemor Farms invites nearly 750,000 visitors annually and is a favourite amongst many.

6. Lane Southern Orchards, Fort Valley

One of the largest peach farms in Georgia, the Lane Southern Orchards covers an 11,000-acre orchard. The sprawling 5,000 acres are for peach farming, whereas the other 6000 acres are for pecans. The Orchards has been known for its over 110 years of hospitality, fresh, high-quality produce, and excellent customer service. On thousands of old-time trees, they grow more than 35 peach varieties, one of the most diverse anywhere in the state. The staff here offer farm tours and allow participants to pick their peaches. The staff along with guides for the best picking techniques and which fruit will give the best taste. The peach picking season here begins from Mid of May and goes all the way through August. Besides farm visits, their roadside market and café are a must-try.

7. Berry Good Farms, Tifton

Another popular Peach farm in Southern Georgia, the Berry Good Farms, allows you to taste test and take home its flavourful fuzziness. The farm comes in the midway during a drive south down I-75 to Florida and is great for taking a break and letting your legs loose. However, that’s what appears from the outside. Since once you enter the farm, the juiciest organically grown peaches will change your perception. Peaches here are ripe in early June and stay in season till the mid of August. Along with them, the addition to other organic produce here includes blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Besides peach picking, the Berry Good Farms is also popular for its mobile market, food trucks, in-house café, and Barkin Biscuits. Before going back, do try their famous peach ice cream.

8. Taylor Orchards, Reynolds

Last but not least on our list is the Taylor Orchards, the one in the heart of Georgia’s famous peach belt. What makes it one of the best peach farms in Georgia is the ideal climate and perfect soil present here. This family-owned and operated business began in the early 1940s with 200 acres of peaches. However, today it has outgrown over 3600 acres and more than 30 varieties of peaches. There are very few Georgian peach varieties that one may fail to find here. The main summer season draw at Taylor Orchard other than peaches are the U-pick strawberry patches. The fruits you will find here are nothing less than juiciest, tangiest, sweetest, and freshest. Also, in case you are into Friday nights in Middle Georgia, the Silver Dollar Motorsports Park is right adjacent to the orchard.

Guide To Pick And Store Georgia Peaches Perfectly

Peaches with a creamy gold background colour are always the best. At the same time, the ones which are extremely red but have a green stem cavity are the un-ripe or artificially ripe ones. Not all Peaches turn out red, and only a few varieties of them can attain this colour.

  • Avoid peaches that are hard as a rock. Instead, go for the soft ones, though not mushy.
  • With fully ripened peaches, enjoy them right away or place them in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.
  • Avoid buying peaches that have wrinkly skin. Such fruits are possibly a few days old.
  • Never put unripe peaches in the refrigerator, or they will stop ripening right away. A little warmness is essential to ripe fruits after plucking.
  • For cooking or baking purpose, pick peaches that are sweet, ripe, but firmer.

Peaches are from the rose family and are thus known for their family. While picking some, do go for the aromatic instinct as the stronger they smell, the mature, juicier, and sweeter they are.

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