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Barksdale Global Power Museum - Best Place to Visit in Shreveport, Louisiana

11 Best Places to Visit in Shreveport, Louisiana (2024)

Shreveport is a city whose heart belongs to the Red River. A beautiful town alongside the most amazing Red River, Shreveport is one of the most popular tourist attractions among tourists. There is always something for each person, whether you are an indoor person or an outdoor person in Shreveport.

If you are an outdoor person, it’s a place for you. You can have a visit to zoos, parks, river dining, and a lot more exciting stuff to do. And if you like to be indoors, Shreveport will not disappoint you with its museums, aquariums, art galleries, and a lot of restaurants.  

11 Best Places to Visit in Shreveport, Louisiana

Let us share some fabulous places you must visit in Shreveport.

1. Barksdale Global Power Museum

This place in Shreveport is made for you if you are a fan of skies or like fighting jets. You can watch a lot of air force planes from a very close sight. You can experience the vibe of a military air base. It displays the dynamic history of Strategic bombardment on Air force Global Strike command.

This place tries to create a memorial for the success of the battle that the country had fought and a symbol of years of training, which is done to deter wars. You will see many famous aircraft. You can feel the greatness of the place with its open environment and large size.

2. Jubilee Zoo

Are you planning a trip with your family or kids? If yes, then this would be the best place to visit in Shreveport. Jubilee Zoo is one of the most family-friendly places in the city. It provides a very close connection with animals in a safe environment.

You can have fun rides here. If you want a Safari, it also has arrangements for you. You can have them here if you like to ride the Carousel ponies. The biggest attraction is that you can pet animals. Yes, you read it right. You can pet animals, feed them and make them friends.

If you want a place for a picnic, they also allow for that. So that you and your kids can have a close touch with nature. So it is a must for you to visit Jubilee Zoo.

3. Louisiana State Exhibit Museum

If you like old art or are a diorama fan, then this place in Shreveport will fascinate you. This place will hold your attention if you want to visit museums. And on top of that, if you like historical representation, this place must be on your bucket list.

This State Exhibit Museum in Shreveport was built in 1939 under the Public Works Projects. This building was also referred to as a super modern architecture at that time. It has very beautifully designed twenty-three dioramas. These dioramas depict the lifestyle of the people in the 1940s in Louisiana.

You will find various dioramas which will make you understand the art and culture of Louisiana at that time. It is a magnificent small building preserved to showcase the country’s culture.

4. Meadows Museum of Art

I like art, you like art, and the whole world likes art. And the art lovers like us would love to visit a prominent art museum, and Shreveport has an incredible museum of beautiful arts. Meadows Museum of Art is at Centenary College of Louisiana.

This museum is responsible for conserving, collecting as well as interpreting the artworks. It has 1600 artworks preserved. This place is free to visit for the public to look at the fantastic arts.

The collection consists of artworks of Alfred Maurer, Emilio Amero, George Grosz, Mary Cassatt, and several other artists. And the Indochina Collection of Jean Despujol is also featured here. The art pieces are aesthetic visual works also used to teach fine arts students about human creativity and diversity.

5. Great Raft Brewing

Do you like Beer? Or if you think that you are a Beer Sommelier? Then you should visit the Great Raft Brewery in Shreveport. This is the best place for Beer lovers.

The Great Raft Brewery is where people are quite passionate about the noteworthy brewing creative and an array of authentic southern beers. They provide the best beers all across the state. The beers which are made here are brewed with the finest ingredients, which are best suited for Louisiana’s food and culture.

If you stop by Saturday afternoon, you must visit the Great Raft Brewery and participate in the notable weekly brewery tour held for free.

6. Pioneer Heritage Center

If you are interested in the History of Louisiana, then you will love this place in Shreveport. The Pioneer Heritage Center is a place that allows you to dig back into the history of North Western Louisiana.

This place is designed to explain the early stages of the state and the people who built this part of the state. How they created a beautiful city in the heart of the Red River. This place was built under a project in association with the noteworthy Shreveport’s  Junior League and the Louisiana State University in Shreveport during the year 1977.

This place portrays the lives of the pioneers settled in that region. How did they survive, live, and create a city with a legacy? Everything is explained with the help of various structures.

7. Sci-Port Discovery Center

This place in Shreveport is made for those who are entirely in love with science. And this place also belongs to those who love science, but science does not love them. Sci-Port Discovery Center is designed to display science to ordinary people but with a sprinkler of entertainment.

Sci-Port Discovery Center has a motive to create a spark of curiosity in the hearts of visitors. The complex has an IMAX dome theater, a Sawyer Space Dome Planetarium, and many interactive programs.

One more attraction of this place is the Power of Play Children’s Museum. This place is for kids of age 8 or less, where they can learn various things with various interactive games. The IMAX Dome Theater gives an immersive experience to the people of a film so they can feel the thrill.

This place is a must-visit for everyone, whether it’s a place of science and technology but made for an ordinary person.

8. Shreveport Aquarium

For anyone who loves adventures and oceans, Shreveport Aquarium is a must-visit place in Shreveport. The Aquarium provides a realistic and close experience with the beautiful ocean life.

You can feed the stingrays with your hands, do treasure hunts, touch moon jellies, watch sharks having their lunch, and do a lot more. Only this place provides you with indoor mining experience in the whole of Louisiana.

Look at various colorful coral reefs, old shipwrecks, and ocean creatures you have never seen. It is just like going very deep into nature but with the safety of your home.

You should visit this place and have fun with your friends and family.

9. Gardens of American Rose Center

Suppose you love being in nature or you love roses a lot. In that case, you should visit the Gardens of American Rose Center in Shreveport, especially between April and October. This place is just filled with various luscious and fragrant roses.

The total area is developed in 118 acres of space of Pine forest. The center also has various kinds of plants and vegetation, fountains and sculptures, and the popular Dudley Watkins reflection pool.

Suppose you are interested in picnics with your friends and family. In that case, they also provide you with beautiful picnic spots with playing grounds for your kids. If you want to come along for a walk or you want to visit the place with someone special, it is all your choice. But this place will always give you one of the best locations to click some awesome pictures.

10. Shreveport Water Works Museum

This is one of the most important landmarks in Shreveport. This place was built in 1887 to pump water into the city. It is also referred to as the very first and prominent water plant of the town.

This place is also imperative because, even after more than a hundred years, every part works very well. It is one of the exact engineering models of the steam pumping system. Anyone can go to the museum and explore it on their own.

11. Walter B Jacobs Memorial Nature Park

If you want a hiking experience, this place in Shreveport is best for you. The Walter B Jacobs Memorial Nature Park occupies an area of 160 acres of Oak-Pine Hickory forest.

The forest has various live animals and birds of prey aviary in its exhibits. You can also have some rest at the restrooms. They also have a safe playground for kids, where kids can enjoy the fresh air of the forest safely.

Various festivals, public programs, and other events are held here frequently, and people can join most of them free of cost. You can also get tours with the help of reservations.


These are some of the best places you can visit in Shreveport. But don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your trip.

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