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Mount Valley Navajo Tribal Park in Utah

Utah Travel Guide: 10 Amazing Must-Visit Destinations in Utah (2024)

In the western United States, Utah is solitary of the country’s enormous outdoor states, supported by fabulous ski resorts, far-fetched national and state parks, and natural wonders like you won’t find anywhere else in the world. A must-visit destination in Utah, letting you plan a road trip all the way, is one of the best strategies to explore other sights of the cities, and scenic drives are prevalent majorly everywhere throughout the whole state. The beauty of Utah is incomparable and thus, you won’t be able to witness the same in any other place. Are you planning a visit Utah? If yes, then our article is a worth it for you.

Here we bring you some of the places which give a tempting complexion to its visitors in Utah-

Utah Travel Guide: 10 Amazing Must-Visit Destinations in Utah

1. Mountain Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Mount Valley Navajo Tribal Park in Utah

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One of the iconic and great places to visit in Utah state is where tourists can find the best viewpoints they are looking for is the Mountain Valley Navajo Tribal Park. Also, the Mountain valley can be an excellent deal for photography and video capturing purposes. If you focus on the Mountain Valley closely, you can connect this place from the ancient period. Suppose you got time management struggle for the drive, which is usually done at a slow rate because of the turns during the drive and sightseeing points. In that case, the Monument Valley Visitor Center’s look is impressive, and one of the head viewpoints in Monument Valley. 

2. Canyonlands National Park

Since it looks quite similar to one the wonders of the world, “Grand Canyon,” people also call the Canyonlands National Park as the Grand Canyon of Utah, which can prove to be amazing sightseeing destinations in Utah. Many people find this as one of the major tourist attractions for the voyagers coming to Utah. Your trip would be incomplete if you missed out on the ethnicity of the Canyonlands National Park. This striking and charming stone bend mainly looks incredible in the early morning hours or late afternoon and forms a window-like shape to the torn landscape, canyons, and the buttes prominent below. Also, of note in this segment is the White Rim Road that is known to extend down from the notable park till the valley tucked below, followed by a dirt road prevalent along the sheer cliff walls. Visitors can even take a fun and exquisite experience of clean weather, brisk winds, and open blue sky, which can be a barely credible atmosphere for them during their drive for the Canyonlands National Park.

Amazing Must-Visit Destination in Utah-Canyonlands National Park

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3. Salt Lake City

For civilizing places of interest or nearby skiing, drive to Salt Lake City. If you’re hunting for outdoor adventures, from mountain biking, hiking to ATV motorcycle riding as well as the other off-road recreations, be definite to check out Moab and St. George. Salt Lake City is also associated with Utah state for being its capital city to be an excellent tourist destination in Utah State. Numerous skiing resorts can be witnessed during the tour of Salt Lake City. A bunch of skiing and hiking activities is very much in common, especially at winters. Keeping this in mind, there is a lot of other worth watching Salt Lake City places, which can be admired tourists such as the Mormon Tabernacle and the State Capitol.

4. Dead Horse Point Square Park

Dead Horse Point Square Park can be one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Utah. The most extraordinary approach of watching the various hubs present at the Dead Horse Point State Park is to take a leisurely walk on the walking track. Dead Horse Point State Park that is a minute away from Moab delivers one of the incomparable lookouts of any state park in Utah. The critical viewpoint is known to look over the Colorado River carving through the landscape of multiple shades. Rock face walls having an elevation of around 2,000 feet and plateaus at a range of levels widen out into the expanse. On a layer of land underneath the viewpoint, the Potash Road runs along a ledge. Looking to the left, next to this road, you can find the Thelma and Louise Point, where the concluding scene of the action picture Thelma and Louise was created.

5. Capitol Reef National Park

Since Capitol Reef National Park is another fine place to take a trip around Utah’s exciting landscapes, Capitol Reef National Park can turn out to be a must-visit tourist destination in Utah. Located in a straight line towards west of Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park comprises of stripes sandstone rising on the Fremont River’s peak. The canyons, rock spires, are an encouragement for anybody with a curiosity in photography. Most people come here for sightseeing, but you’ll also find various hiking trails in the area. This park can be seen from a distance to a very handful of tourists than most of the other big parks in Utah, which can uplift delicacy.

6. The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake just a half-hour drive northwest of Salt Lake City, is the largest internal lake situated at the west of the Mississippi, measuring 72 miles long, 34 miles wide, and up to 50 feet deep. It is a reminder of a much larger freshwater lake, which is Lake Bonneville. Facing a fall in its water level, this lake was left with no passage and diminished due to desertion, leaving out the Great Salt Lake Desert. The percentage of salt and other minerals in the Great Salt Lake is so high in the quantity that it leads the swimmer to float without sinking. The Dead Sea follows the same scenario in Israel. So, this can prove to be a must-visit destination in Utah State.

7. Pink Sand Dunes State Park

The sands’ coral pink color at this park is designed for an exciting twirl when it comes to dunes. Sculpted by the wind, the jerky dunes and gently sloping hills are also a fun and enthralling place to visit in Utah. Trendy kinds of stuff to do here, away from merely hiking the soft sand mountains, are sandboarding, and of course, capturing the scene through the camera.

8. Zion National Park

Loads of the park’s spark’s most inspiring sites are found in Zion Canyon, along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, which follows the valley floor. Commencing spring until fall, a sightseeing bus takes visitors through the park next to this route, stopping at all the major sites and trailheads. This makes while doing a tour of the park very simple. In winter days, you can drive this way in your vehicle. It would turn out to be some of your fantastic sightseeing destinations in Utah. The Zion-Mount Carmel Highway runs across the east-west through the whole park and it is also considered to be a must-used highway for scenic drives.

9. Moab

The Moab site offers a great deal of expression for the bikers, hikers, fiver rafters, which would give them enough opportunities to challenge themselves by showcasing their natural skills and abilities. Mountain bikers come here to drive in the spring and fall for the exceptional riding familiarity. Even though the town is acknowledged among mountain bikers for being the home of the renowned and challenging Slickrock path, you can hit upon courses here for all bikers’ levels. When it comes to hiking, the trails in the close by parks proffer amazing scenery, including Utah’s fantastic Delicate Arch. If you are also a crazy person for adventurous sports, then Moab would be a must-visit destination in Utah to welcome you.

10. Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is a massive land of rocky territory, with canyons, arches, waterfalls, hills, scrubland and forest. Thus, it proves to be a fantastic sightseeing destination in Utah State. It gives an intellect of isolation that cannot be found in other parks.

Acquiring 1.9 million acres, this is the principal national testimonial in the United States, and it’s controlled by the Bureau of Land Management, not the National Park Service. Hiking is a well-liked method to walk around the area. Lower Calf Creek Falls track offers great scenery and is one of the most clicked places in Grand Staircase-Escalante.


Utah has always been counted amongst the most beautiful destinations of the world. With its boundless beauty, you would never have to think about your home. The memories knit here are worth it and you shall not at all dissatisfied with any of the features associated with Utah. Try out visiting the above-mentioned great places in Utah while you are set on your journey in this destination.

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