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Mysore Pak - Popular Karnataka Dish To Try

8 Popular Karnataka Dishes To Try (2024)

No matter which place you are going for a vacation to but if you are a true foodie, then your first priority apart from sightseeing would surely be trying the local dishes of the place. If your vacation destination is the Indian state of Karnataka, then you are in for a thrilling time. Not only does the state of Karnataka houses a plethora of exciting tourist attractions including monuments, natural wonders, temples, historical forts and a lot more but it also boasts of offering a wide array of cuisine options. Basically, the Karnataka cuisine is inspired from the cuisine style of its neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. However, the difference is in the flavors. While Mangalore and Uttara Canara are famous for their tangy seafood, South Karnataka is known for its variety of Bath and North Karnataka is quite popular for its spicier foods. If you wish to know some of the top Karnataka dishes to try on your next vacation, then continue reading. We have already prepared a list for you!

8 Popular Karnataka Dishes To Try

1. Mysore Masala Dosa: As soon as you think of South India, the first thing that pops in the minds of most of us is Masala dosa. It is one of the staple foods of Karnataka. The thing which makes the Mysore Masala dosa exceptional from other dosas is the special red spice mix that is smeared on the inside layer of the dosa. The flavour of this red spice mix combining with the crunch of the dosa leaves you speechless. Served along with coconut chutney, lots of ghee and sambar, this dish is almost symbolic of Karnataka. Your visit to the state is incomplete if you didn’t relish the Mysore Masala dosa.

Popular Karnataka Dish To Try-Mysore Masala DosaImage Source

Best Place to try Mysore Masala Dosa: Vinayaka Mylari in Mysore and Mavalli Tiffin Room in Indirangar.

2. Chow Chow Bath: Don’t hesitate and start judging the dish by its unique name. If you are someone who likes to eat both spicy as well as sweet taste at the same time, then this dish of Karnataka is just perfect for you. If explained simply, then it is a two – in – one dish, combining the Khara Bath and Kesari Bath. While the Khara Bath is a spicy upma made with vegetables and peanuts, the Kesari Bath is a sweet halwa made from saffron. Both of these mouth – watering dishes are made up of semolina only. It is one of the most loved breakfast meals among the local people of the state.

Best Karnataka Dish To Try-Chow Chow Bath
Image Source
Best Place To Try Chow Chow Bath:
Taaza Thindi in Bangalore, Brahmin’s Coffee Bar in Bangalore.

3. Obbattu For Holige: Though you may feel that you don’t know about this dish of Karnataka but you will be surprised to know that it is also known by the name of Puran Poli in Maharashtra. It is considered as one of the most favourite and loved dishes of Karnataka. Obbattu is basically a sweet Indian flatbread which is made up of lentils and jaggery. The batter is made up of a mixture of lentils, jaggery and coconut. Then it is covered with flour dough and rolled into a sweet paratha. It is even a prime dish served among a number of festivals and traditional events of the state. However, if you are a North Indian, then don’t mistake it for your regular aloo paratha.

Tasty Karnataka Dish To Try-Obbattu For Holige
Image Source
Best place to try Obbattu For Holige:
Mane Holige in Jayanagar, The Green Path in Malleshwaram.

4. Mysore Pak: If you are a true dessert or sweet lover, then this dish of Karnataka is just perfect for you. It is one of the most famous sweets that is loved by the local people of the state. This Karnataka delicacy is made up with a mixture of ghee, gram flour and sugar. This dish was first created during the regime of Raja Wadiyar IV in the kitchens of the majestic Mysore Palace and since then it has been among the top favourite desserts of people. So, if your itinerary has a stop at Mysore city, then make sure to relish this dessert. This iconic Karnataka dish is easily available. You can find it at almost any of the sweet shops in the city.Mysore Pak - Popular Karnataka Dish To Try Image Source

Best place to try Mysore Pak: Vaishnavi Sweets in Mysore

5. Korri Gassi: Are you that person whose meal is incomplete without eating a chicken dish? If your answer is yes, then this lip – smacking chicken curry should be one must – have items in your meal at Karnataka. Coming from the coastal region of Karnataka, this curry, Kori Gussi, actually tastes delicious. It is infused with multiple flavors of tamarind and coconut which are also the main ingredients of this top Karnataka dish. The name Korri Gassi translates to chicken and curry, literally in the Tulu language. The dish is served along with a delicious Neer Dosa. Taste this chicken curry on your next vacation for the true taste of Karnataka cuisine.

Best Dish in Karnataka-Korri Gassi
Image Source

Best place to try Korri Gassi: Coastal Mama in JP Nagar, Sea Rock in Seshadripuram.

6. Ragi Mudde and Sopinna Saru: If you are that health – conscious person who checks the calories and ingredient list of the food first before eating it, then this is the perfect Karnataka dish for you. Ragi Mudde is a part of meals of almost all houses in the rural areas. It is made up of a dough of ragi flour and water. The dough is then rolled and shaped into small balls. It is eaten along with Sopinna Saru which is a simple gravy that is made up of green leafy vegetables, spices and lentils. The combination of Mudde and Surre is a mouth watering one. Offering a high nutritional value and multiple health benefits, this Karnataka dish should be on top slots in your menu.

Popular Dish in Karnataka-Ragi Mudde and Sopinna SaruImage Source

Best place to try Ragi Mudde and Sopinna Saru: Kamat Lokaruchi in Mysore, Prems Graama Bhojanam.

7. Maddur Vada: Sometimes it happens that we are hungry but are in a hurry to eat a complete meal or a dessert. For these times, when you are looking for a perfect snack, Maddur Vada is the perfect option out of Karnataka cuisine. The local people of the state love this delicious snack along with tea. These fritters are so addictive that once you start munching on them you can’t just stop after one. This is not like your regular vada which resembles a doughnut. Made up of semolina, madia and a lot of spices, Maddur Vada is sold at almost every other place in Karnataka. The dish tastes even better when served with coconut chutney, tea or coffee.

Amazing Dish in Karnataka-Maddur Vada
Image Source
Best place to try Maddur Vada:
Go Native in Bangalore, Maddur Tiffany’s in Mandya.

8. Udupi Tomato Rasam: If you know something about South Indian meals, then you would already be aware that they start their meals with a tangy appetizer called Rasam. This particular rasam made up of tomato and tamarind water tempered with spices, is an exceptional combination that works wonders for your taste buds.

Best place to try Udupi Tomato Rasam: Machali in Mangalore, Prems Graama Bhojanam in Bangalore.

Every region in Karnataka has a lot of dishes to try but the one thing that remains common among all the dishes is that all of them are extremely delicious and mouth – watering.

FAQ’s on Karnataka Dishes For Tourists Visiting Karnataka

Q1. What Are The Famous Dishes In Karnataka?

Ans. Out of all the Karnataka dishes, the top ones are a variety of dosas and bhath.

Q2. Does Karnataka Cuisine Only Offer Vegetarian Dishes?

Ans. No, the Karnataka cuisine offers many delicious vegetarian dishes as well as non – vegetarian options.

Q3. What Are The Popular Chutneys Served Along With Karnataka Dishes?

Ans. Almost all of the Karnataka cuisine dishes are served along with coconut, mango or green chutney.

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