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The 10 Best and Most Popular Campgrounds in Washington State (2023)

Washington State is the playground for outdoor adventures, especially ‘Camping.’ It has all, from diverse petrified forests to the scenic wilderness, beautifully flowing rivers, extensive coastline, unending mountain rolls, and awe-inspiring archipelagos. With all of these natural settings close enough to each other, Washington makes for an excellent overnight camping space. You can choose from one of the many State and National Parks or head towards an official campground; options are truly endless.

Washington campaign has much beauty and adventure waiting for you. From traditional tenting to RVing, tree camping, and glamping, the Evergreen State offers it all in bulk. If you’ve decided that Washington is your dream RV destination, then plan for your next camping trip soon. The options below will guide you with the best Pacific Northwest camping adventure. So, take consideration from our choicest pick and head towards your destination. Let’s get started.

The 10 Best and Most Popular Campgrounds In Washington State

1. Hoh Rain Forest Campground

Hoh Campground is in the Hoh Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula of western Washington. The campground has 78 campsites, all nestled between endless shades of green. Early the sites here used to facilitate on a first-come, first-serve basis, though now it facilitates as ‘Reservation Only.’ Some of the basic amenities here include potable water and flush toilets. Considering it is a highly forested area, no sort of modern benefits are available here. From the back of the Hoh campground begins the Spruce Nature Trail that goes all the way to a quiet river. In the long run, it further expands to Blue Glacier on Mount Olympus. Campers can also go for a nature walk and observe the Hall of Mosses closeby.

2. Cranberry Lake Campground

Cranberry Lake is a part of Deception Pass State Park and is its largest campground. The campground is located between North Beach and Cranberry Lake, on the Whidbey Island right south of Deception Pass Bridge. The campground has 230 campsites, of which 150 caters for tenting while 80 caters for RVing. While the tenting sites are mainly on the lower loop, RVing sites are on the forest loop. Some of the basic amenities that come with this region include coin-operated showers and flushing restrooms. From site number 190 leads a short trail that goes all the way to North Beach. Or campers can also go and explore the Deception Pass Bridge for great views and brilliant photography. The forested setting and lush foliage at the campground give it a tranquil and private vibe.

Cranberry Lake Campground

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3. Bowl and Pitcher Campground

The Bowl and Pitcher Campground is located in the heart of Riverside State Park, Washington. It has 32 campsites, of which 16 are traditional camping venues, whereas 16 are utility hook-up sites available for RVing. Here, the basic amenities you can find include two shower facilities, running water, electricity hook-up, and flushing toilets. Overnight campers can also buy Ice and firewood from nearby the campground. Bowl and Pitcher Campground appeal and attract outdoor enthusiasts since it has several recreational opportunities nearby. The adventure options include fishing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, picnicking and wildlife viewing. It is arguably the most scenic and popular campground in Washington.

4. Moran State Park Camping

The Moran State Park in Washington state is known for its camping facilities and is quite popular amongst enthusiasts. The park has four campgrounds and 124 campsites spread well over each of them. The South End Campground is the most popular among all of them, considering its tranquillity and views. All the campsites within South End are nicely positioned on the shore of Cascade Lake, making it a pleasant waterfront affair. Camper choosing Moran can indulge in the ultimate outdoor adventure and observation affair. There are plenty of things to do around, including fishing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, bicycle riding, etc. Experienced campers and hikers also choose to climb all the way to the top of Mount Constitution, which is the San Juan Islands’ highest point. The summit of Mount Constitution too boosts the Mountain Lake Campground with 10 tenting sites.

5. Cougar Rock Campground

Cougar Rock Campground is located in the Paradise area, on the southwest side of Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State. The campground operates May through October and has 170 reservable campsites available. Even though when the campsites are closely to each other, the forested setting grants it with different privacy feel. Some of the basic amenities here include drinking water, flush toilets, and picnic tables. And since the area is a hub for foxes and other wild animals, campers must store their food carefully. Campfire and other fires for cooking or other purposes aren’t allowed at the campground. A 10-mile drive from the Cougar Rock will take you to Rainer and other glaciers’ close-up views. And when you follow it up with hiking the Skyline Trail, the views will drastically change to something your eyes will fail to believe.

6. Colonial Creek Campground

The Colonial Creek Campground is located next to the aquamarine waters of Diablo Lake. It, by far, is one of the most serene campgrounds in Washington State. The campground is divided into the North and South section presenting over 130 camping sites. The sites cater for tenting and small RV enthusiasts, both sportingly. However, it doesn’t cater to big RVs. Here, the common amenities one can find include potable water and a flushing toilet. It though doesn’t have showers, but campers often head to the safer side of Diablo Lake for taking a bath. The lake proximity also facilitates recreational options like fishing and non-motorized boating. Besides that, there are several hiking and natural walking trails nearby. Colonial Creek Campground, however, is a little crowded during most of its operating season.

7. Kalaloch Campground

Kalaloch is a popular campground in the Olympic National Park. The campground is located on the park’s southern coast and is operational year-round. It has 170 campsites on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, whereas 4/ 5 are located on plan land, which makes them wheelchair accessible. Campsites in loops E & F are available on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout the year, whereas other campsites go with the same offer during the off-season. While from May through mid-September, making an early reservation is a must. Every single campsite has a fire ring, grill, and picnic table. The common amenities available here include drinking water, a flush toilet, and a food storage facility. If you visit here in a group, you can also use the nearby lodge area for your overnight stay (only by reservation). Kalaloch Campground is ideally one of the best, with an easy-to-back-into parking spot and killer ocean views around.

8. Sol Duc Campground

Sol Duc is another camping region in the Olympic National Park and the best campground in Washington State. It has 97 camping sites, of which 80 facilitate tenting, whereas the rest 17 facilitate RVing. Besides that, there are the 1980s revamped Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort nearby for a leisurely stay. If you are planning to camp at Sol Duc during summers, consider making reservations a little early since the campground gets full soon. While the designated campsites operate only between March through October, primitive camping operates here throughout the year. Some of the common amenities here include a toilet, drinking water, and food storage locker. Since animals and birds are frequent to this area, visitors must keep their food secure all the time.

9. Lake Wenatchee State Park Campground

The Lake Wenatchee Campground is within proximity to the town of Leavenworth. The campground is divided into North and South loops with a total of 150 camping sites. It caters to both tenting and RVing. The campground facilitates basic amenities, including showers, flushing restrooms, and portable water. It also operates during the winter months with heated restrooms and warming shelters. Lake Wenatchee is also a popular spot for outdoor recreational activities near Leavenworth. Campers staying here enjoy multiple activities, including hiking, biking, and horseback riding in the nearby wilderness. The Lake itself allows for swimming and paddle boarding and is quite safe for first-timers. Far from the shore, individuals also try fishing and non-motorized boating. In addition, activities like Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing become popular during winters.

10. Ohanapecosh Campground

Ohanapecosh Campground is last on our list, but it is better than the best campground in Washington. It is located in a majestic old-growth forest on the banks of the peaceful Ohanapecosh River. The campground operates 175 sites that facilitate tenting. Since summers here can get really crowded, campers are asked to make a reservation beforehand. It offers basic amenities, including potable water, a flush toilet, grills, firepits, and picnic tables, within each campground loop. Ohanapecosh campground sits at an elevation of 1,914 feet, and the weather here stays cool and dry even during the summer months. The campground is known for its proximity to the Paradise and Sunrise areas. For someone who wants to explore the notables Mount Rainier National Park, camping at Ohanapecosh is highly recommended for them.

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