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Your Travel Guide To Silchar in Assam

Your Travel Guide To Silchar in Assam (2023)

When talking about the beautiful North East region of India, one can’t get through the discussion without mentioning about the spectacular state of Assam. With its rich culture, historical glory, plethora of sightseeing attractions and diverse wildlife collection, the Indian state of Assam is nothing short of a paradise for any traveller. Talking about the top tourist places in Assam, Silchar being the second largest town of the state of Assam is one of the tourist hotspots of the area. Also known by the name of the Island of peace, Silchar is not only one of the most stable areas of the North East region but is also a pretty developed area. Situated on the beautiful river Surma and surrounded by Manipur on the east, the town of Silchar is well–known for its scenic beauty and natural splendour. Your Travel Guide To Silchar in AssamImage Source

Owing to its picturesque location, this town is also considered as an important centre as well as a gateway to Barak Valley in Assam. Lying in the southern region of Assam, the town also serves as the district headquarters of Cachar district. Surrounded by the scenic Barak river, Silchar is a quintessential small town, which is special and beautiful in its own way. If you are someone who is planning a getaway and wish to spend some quality moments amidst natural serenity, then Silchar is one of the top tourist places to visit in Assam. In this article, we have gathered all the useful and important information about this beautiful town of Silchar. Continue reading to know more!

History of Silchar, Assam

Boasting of being the second largest town of the state, it is believed that the city was founded in Janiganj – Sadarghat area of the Silchar town near the bank of the river Barak. This shore of the river Barka was a central location for trade and commerce during that time and many settlements also started establishing near the area, converting the place into a city. This fact got the area a new name of ‘Shiler Chor’ literally meaning the rocky shore. It was this name that later got shortened to ‘Silchar’ and was adopted and popularised by the Britishers. Hence, it can be said that as far as the history of the Silchar town is concerned, it dates back to the period of British period. It may come as a surprise to you but the Silchar town even served as the headquarter for the British Empire in the year 1833. Throughout this period of history, the people of the region witnessed a variety of developmental revolutions. After independence, the place went under the ruling of the Assam Government and they tried changing the prime language of the place to Assamese but after receiving a lot of protests and criticism from the local people, under the jurisdiction of West Bengal, Silchar got Bengali as its official language.

3 Popular Tourist Places to Visit in Silchar, Assam

Silchar is a beautiful town located in the southern region of Assam. If you plan a trip to Silchar, then you should know that you will be in for a great time. This town with its rich historical past, abundant natural beauty and plethora of sightseeing places, keeps its visitors entertained and engaged throughout their stay. Some of the top tourist places that you can visit when in Silchar are as follows:

  1. Maibong: If you wish to explore a hill station in your vacation, then this is just the perfect place for you. Located at a distance of about 137 km from Silchar, Maibong is a beautiful hill station. Situated on the banks of the beautiful river Mahur, this hill station even served as the capital of the town when it was ruled by the Kachari kingdom. The place is well – known among travellers for its scenic beauty, stunning architecture, intricate carvings, detailed scriptures and splendid landscapes. Once you actually visit the place, you can get to explore a plethora of attractions, including the ruins of the old city of Kachari, numerous ancient temples, stunning waterfalls and a lot more.
    1. Highlights of the Place: Natural beauty, architectural brilliance, ruins of old city of Kachari
    2. Popular attractions to explore: Ramchandi Temple, Maibong waterfalls, Longthaini Noh Temple
    3. Distance from Dispur, Assam: about 284 km away
  2. Gandhibag Park: Situated right in the heart of the Silchar town, Gandhibag Park is one of the ideal tourist places to visit in Assam for anyone. Named after Mahatma Gandhi, this is a stunning park which is well – known for its lush greenery as well as for the exhibitions and fairs which are held here on a regular basis. One of the prime fairs that is held here every year is its annual Gandhi mela. Thousands of people from all over the country come to be a part of this fair every year. This fair basically organises a plethora of stalls which display the works of several artisans including stuff like beautiful handicrafts, handlooms and much more. Another attraction of the Gandhibag park is the Martyr’s tomb that stands in one of the corners of the park. It was built basically to commemorate the 11 Martyrs who died during the protests that took place on February 21, 1961 by Bengalis against the government’s decision of changing the official language of Silchar to Assamese.
    1. Highlights of the place: Natural beauty, Martyr’s tomb, annual Gandhi mela
    2. Popular attractions to explore nearby: ISKCON Temple, Chatla lake viewpoint, Children’s park
    3. Distance from Dispur, Assam: about 298 km away
  3. Hajo: If you are looking forward to a religious spiritual getaway in the town of Silchar, then Hajo is the top tourist place to visit in Assam for you. Situated on the banks of the mighty river Brahmaputra, is one of the prominent pilgrimage centres across the country. This town acts as a confluence of three major religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam as it houses pilgrimage sites of all these religions. One of the prime attractions of the town is the Hayagriva Madhava Mandir which holds significance for both Hindus as well as Buddhists. The prime attraction for Muslims is the Powa Mecca Mosque which is believed to hold one fourth of the sacredness of the real Mecca.
  1. Highlights of the place: Pilgrim sites of Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism, architectural brilliance
  2. Popular Attractions To Explore Nearby: Hayagriva Madhava Mandir, Powa Mecca mosque, Madan Kamdev Temple, Deva Bhavana, Kedareswara Temple
  3. Distance from Dispur, Assam: about 38 km away

What Is The Best Time To Visit Silchar, Assam?

No matter whenever you plan your trip, Silchar remains scenic always. As a result, you will find the place being frequently visited by a variety of travellers as well as local people. The town enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, which makes it even better for the people to have a great sightseeing experience. During summer season, the temperatures are not too high and hence people love coming during the summer months to Silchar too. While winters experience moderate temperatures, it is perfect for those who wish to spend maximum of their time outdoors.

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How to Reach Silchar, Assam?

As far as travelling issues are concerned, you don’t have to worry much. Silchar is a place which is well – connected by various means of transport, thereby making it easily accessible for travellers from all over the country. You can reach it by:

  • By Air: The nearest airports to reach Silchar are located in Imphal and Guwahati. The Imphal Airport is located about 111 km away from Silchar and provides flights connecting to various major cities of India. A plenty of flights are available from Guwahati to Silchar easily on a regular basis. Once you reach the Silchar Airport, you can easily take a taxi or hire a cab to reach your destination. The Silchar airport is located at a distance of just 26 km from the city centre.
  • By Rail: The nearest railway station to reach Silchar is located in the town itself. It is located in the Tarapur area but currently has only a metre gauge. It is connected from some of the significant places of the North East region including Guwahati, Agartala and so on. However, travellers from other major cities of the country like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata have to first take a train to Guwahati or till Dibrugarh and then from there till Silchar. The next nearest railway station is the Badarpur railway station which is about 32 km away from Silchar.
  • By Road: Silchar is well – connected via roads as well. You can use your personal vehicle or hire a taxi from any of the nearby cities. There is bus service available from most of the nearby cities that run till Silchar’s ISBT.

No matter whether you are a history buff, nature lover, archaeology enthusiast or just an avid traveller, Silchar will prove to be an ideal tourist place to visit in Assam for you.

FAQ’s For Tourists Visiting Silchar

Q1. Why is Silchar famous?

Ans: Blessed with a great geographical location, scenic beauty and the adjoining green tea gardens, Silchar is a superb vacation destination.

Q2. How Did Silchar Get Its Name?

Ans: The town gets its unique name from two Bengali words- ‘Shil’ and ‘Char’ which literally translate to ‘rock’ and ‘shore or island’ respectively.

Q3. Is Monsoon A Good Time To Visit Silchar?

Ans: Silchar can be visited anytime. Though the weather is refreshing during monsoon but due to frequent showers, there are chances of floods too which makes it such a so-so time in terms of tourism.

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