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Zarwani Waterfalls in Gujarat

Visit Zarwani Waterfalls: The Most Scenic Waterfalls in Gujarat (2024)

Zarwani Waterfalls are in Gujarat, near the Sardar Sarovar Dam. The Waterfalls are within the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary boundary. If you plan to visit these waterfalls, read this article to know what your experience will be like.

Zarwani Waterfalls in Gujarat

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The Zarwani Waterfalls Experience

The road leading to the Waterfalls is scenic, and there’s lush greenery on both sides of the road. So, this is a road trip before it is anything else.

The Zarwani Waterfalls are pretty small in size, but the clean water and the torrid flow of water make this a perfect visit for anyone looking to experience waterfalls in Gujarat. The best time to go to the Zarwani waterfall is during the monsoons when the water is at full flow and the entire area enlivens up with greenery and natural beauty.

The Zarwani Waterfalls Experience
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The Zarwani Waterfalls are in a dense jungle, and you will need to travel a bit in the interiors to access the waterfall area. This is another tourist location in Gujarat that doesn’t have a lot of tourists. You will find many locals coming here to spend an evening or afternoon, but there won’t be a lot of tourist activity.

Also, there isn’t much commercial activity here, so make sure that you pack food and beverages for your stay here. Because the place is so serene and calm, it makes for a perfect location for a family picnic. There’s a parking area within the park, and you need to walk for around a kilometer from the parking area.

The actual waterfall area is not that deep, and people who have experience in swimming can go to the point of the waterfall. You can spend about half an hour at Zarwani waterfall, and it is a calming and serene experience. The water too is clean enough for everyone to spend some time frolicking there.

Places To Visit Near Zarwani Waterfalls

Zarwani Waterfalls is within the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to flora, fauna, and wildlife. So, this is a great opportunity for photographers to capture wildlife. If you are up to it, definitely pack a macro lens and a telephoto lens so that you are equipped for everything that Zarwani has to offer. The weather here is typically harsh, so make sure that you pack your sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen, as there’s no shelter space all around.

There are some aspects that you need to keep in mind while visiting the Waterfalls and the sanctuary. In several places, you will not be allowed to use the photography flash. You will also be encouraged to maintain the calm and serenity that you experience, and you might not be allowed to play loud music. As a rule, smoking is specifically prohibited in the sanctuary area. You will also need the permission of the forest officer to visit the Zarwani waterfall.

Also, because Zarwani Waterfalls are in a jungle, make sure that you dress for the occasion. You will need to wear shoes and not sandals or slippers, as there can be several worms and insects that bite your flesh. In some cases, even some shrubs rubbing your bare feet might be a problem. Further, make sure that you wear full-sleeved shirts so that your arms are covered as well, safe from insect bites.

Place To Visit Near Zarwani Waterfalls-Sardar Sarovar dam
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There are some places of tourist interest near the Zarwani dam. If you have a weekend in hand, you can visit these, as each of them is about an hour’s drive from the Waterfall area. You can visit the Sardar Sarovar dam. Since you are in the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, you can explore it fully. Another destination of religious interest is the Shoolpaneshwar temple, a Shiva temple that is near the Narmada dam as well. One another destination that you cannot miss is the Statue of Unity, the Tallest Statue in the world, that of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the architect of Modern India.

Where To Stay Near Zarwani Waterfalls?

You might want to check into a hotel in this area if you plan to visit all of these places. Several hotels offer accommodation nearby, but they might be a bit pricier because they are near two tourist hotspots, the Statue of Unity and the Narmada dam. You have the hotel Raj Tilak, the Hotel Plaza Inn, the Hotel Paavan and some more. These hotels charge about 2000 rupees for a night’s stay. One popular, but also expensive accommodation here is the Tent City, which offers premium and comfortable stay options.

How to Reach Zarwani Waterfalls?

Zarwani Waterfalls is about a two-hour drive from Vadodara. The nearest railway station is the Vadodara Railway Station as well. It’s quite simple to reach Vadodara because it has an airport also, for those looking to catch a flight. You can also travel to Vadodara by road. Vadodara is a busy business and tourism port, and there are State Transport buses that ply as well as private buses that run on this route.

How to Reach Zarwani Waterfalls?
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