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Chandrapur Fort - Where a Queen Built a Tomb For Her Husband, the King

Chandrapur Fort: Where a Queen Built a Tomb For Her Husband, the King (2024)

Chandrapur Fort is in the heart of the Chandrapur city in Maharashtra. Modern structures surround it, so it becomes one of the simplest forts to visit. The structures inside the fort are still strong enough. Chandrapur fort is a must-visit place for anyone interested in ancient architecture and culture. If you are planning a visit to Chandrapur fort, read this article.

Historical Importance of Chandrapur Fort

The Chandrapur fort exists since the thirteenth century, and the Gond King Khandkya Ballai Sah built this. The fort was built by a dynasty that ruled some parts of India for more than 500 years. While most of the structures are of interest to archaeologists and history buffs, one structure has contemporary importance as well. That structure is the tomb of the King Vir Shah, built by his queen as an ode of her love for him. Rani Hirai built this, and it is possibly the only tomb of love built by a wife for her husband. This is one of the rare tombs built by a royal lover for his spouse. The other tomb that follows this concept is, of course, the world-famous Taj Mahal. 

Structures Inside Chandrapur Fort

The best part about the structures inside Chandrapur Fort is that they are still recognizable, strong, and formidable. Therefore, they give you a glimpse of Indian architecture and how they lived in a bygone era. Of course, the buildings and structures are weathered, but they still give you a surreal feeling of connecting with something that existed years back.

There is a Shiva temple as well, which is well maintained, and you can give it a visit. You will also find a stepwell. A little ahead is the Anchaleshwar temple. Experts say that God’s name means the ‘Immovable One’.

There’s lore that the lake in the Chandrapur fort has healing powers. That lake is well maintained and decorated as well, with panels of the incidents in Mahabharata and Ramayana inscribed.


Chandrapur fort is famous for its clockwise entry and exit and the eight entries. Almost all the entry doorways are still strong and offer great insights into the art and architecture, more than five hundred years back. You see some unique art forms in the form of carvings, and it is a visual experience to see them.

The gates that you can see are the Jatpura Gate, the Anchaleshwar Gate, the Pathanpura Gate, and the Binba Gate. Because Chandrapur fort is in such a good condition, you can identify each of the gates. There are some other structures, like the four windows. The names of these windows are Bagad Khidki, Vithoba Khidki, the Chor Khidki, and the Hanuman Khidki.

The tomb of King Vir Sah, which his queen Rani Hirai built in his memory, is in the Anchaleshwar Temple area.  Anchaleshwar Temple Near Chandrapur Fort

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The Gond King built Chandrapur fort, and the Gond tribe is one of the oldest in India. So, the architecture and designs that you see are unique and a call back to an entire civilization.

Tourist Experience of Chandrapur Fort

The Chandrapur Fort is set in the hustle and bustle of the city, so it is an easy visit. People interested in visiting forts and learning about ancient architecture and civilizations should visit this place. Some of the important forts that are part of the fort tourism in Maharashtra are unreachable for many people because they find it difficult to trek or even travel for several days together.

Things To Do In Chandrapur

Chandrapur is a place of religious and historical importance. It has many places that you can visit to enrich your tour. Here are just some of them:

The Chandrapur Mahakali Temple is a six-minute walk from the Chandrapur fort. The temple has several devotees throng all through the year. The temple is more than five hundred years old and gives a glimpse of ancient architecture. The idols inside are unique and have a story about themselves. You have an idol of Lord Hanuman bringing the Sanjeevani mountain.

About an hour’s drive from the fort is the Visajan caves. The caves are ancient and have some images and carvings from those times.

However, the caves are not well kept, and you will not be able to spend much time here.

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary

The Wildlife Sanctuary is a place to experience some exotic wildlife, animals, and birds. It does not have much to offer now in terms of wildlife, but it does have some lush greenery for you to spend a lazy afternoon in. 

MDR Mall

If you are looking for some contemporary options, head over to the MDR Mall. The mall has the regular shops and eating places, where you can settle down for a quiet evening before you head home.  MDR Mall Near Chandrapur

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How To Reach Chandrapur Fort?

Chandrapur is connected to Mumbai via trains, buses, and flights. The train journey is about 13 hours. The bus journey from Mumbai to Chandrapur takes around 15 hours. You will need to catch a bus to Malkapur and then travel from Malkapur to Chandrapur on a train, that train journey is five hours long. Chandrapur is connected to Pune as well. As many as sixteen buses ply on the Pune-Chandrapur route daily.

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