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Haj Ali Dargah - The Dargah in the Sea

Visit Haji Ali Dargah: The Dargah in the Sea (2024)

The Haji Ali Dargah is one of the most famous religious and tourist destinations in Mumbai. The Dargah is the tomb of the Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari and is in Worli. If you are planning to visit the Shrine, read this article to know what to expect at the Shrine.

Pir Haji Ali Bukhari was an influential Sufi Saint and a wealthy merchant and had come to India sometime in the 14th century. His tomb has folklore. According to it, Pir Bukhari expired while on his way to Mecca. He asked his followers to cast his body into the sea. After his request fulfillment, his coffin appeared near Worli, and a tomb stands at that place.

The Haji Ali Experience

Today, the Dargah is accessible only through a narrow road. That road disappears during the high tide, making some believe that Haji Ali is in the middle of the sea, like the Sea Palace in Rajasthan.

Haji Ali is one of the few places in Mumbai that still have the old Indo-Islamic architecture. The main structure begins with a marble facade. The ceiling has pieces of glass, with the 99 names of Allah written on them.

The Haji Ali Experience in Mumbai
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The tomb lies in the main hall and is of marble. It has a silver top and exquisite brocade sheets, and zari cloth covers it. The arched walls surrounding the tomb have tiled chips of various colors, yellow, blue, green, and others.

The minaret of the Haji Ali Dargah, the disappearing pathway during the high tide, and the Dargah’s cupola all add to make a memorable experience to Haji Ali.

Haj Ali Dargah - The Dargah in the Sea

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Women can enter and pray. The tomb sees its most footfall on Fridays and Thursdays. More than a lakh visitor come to Haji Ali every week. The tomb is not just a religious place. It is one of the few places that expose us to India’s ancient culture as well. The minaret that stands proudly has intricate, must-see carvings on it.

There is also a Qawwal Khaana, which has traditional Sufi songs playing throughout. Haji Ali is a three-storied structure.

Haji Ali is a memorable trip for anyone who undertakes it. Along with being a religious location, it is a tourist spot as well. The Haji Ali Dargah and the concept of Haji Ali sometimes finds its place in the movies as well. The view from Haji Ali and that of Haji Ali mesmerizes during the evenings when lit.

Places to Visit Near Haji Ali

Haji Ali is in Worli, and there are several places in Worli to visit after your Dargah visit. You can spend some time at the Worli Seaface and see the city slowly crawling down to settle for a few hours of the night, only to wake up to its fullest extent in a few hours. The Worli Seaface is one of those rare places that become different things at different times. In the morning, it’s a jogger’s stretch in the afternoons, and in evenings it’s a place for a long chat with someone close. In the night, it becomes a place that celebrates the culture and lifestyle of Mumbai.

Place to Visit Near Haji Ali-Worli Seaface
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If you have begun your journey early in the morning, you can complete your Haji Ali journey in the morning and take a cab to the Gateway of India, one of the most iconic locations in Mumbai. It is a popular tourist location and is one of the many buildings that are examples of British architecture.

Haji Ali is one of the many iconic locations in Mumbai that form an integral part of its culture, history, and heritage. People of castes and religion revere Haji Ali and visit it whenever they can.

This location is so famous, not just Haji Ali, but the juice center is a topic of discussion in the tourist circles.

Best Place to Visit Near Haji Ali-Siddhivinayak Temple
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If you would like to visit another place of religious importance that is in the vicinity, visit the Siddhivinayak Temple in Prabhadevi. It is one of the few temples in Mumbai and Maharashtra that have a Swayambhu Ganesha.

You can also spend an hour or a half at the Worli Fort, one of the few authentic forts that are now in the middle of the urban Mumbai.

Amazing Place to Visit Near Haji Ali-Nehru Planetarium
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In Worli, you can also visit the Nehru Planetarium, a popular place for those looking to spend some time learning about nature, science, astrophysics, and other such aspects of life.

How to Reach Haji Ali?

Reaching Haji Ali is simple, as it is one of the most popular tourist locations and a place of religious interest. The simplest way is to board a train to Dadar, and then board a taxi from Dadar to Worli. You will also find some direct buses from Dadar to Worli.

But if you wish to explore Mumbai and Haji Ali at its fullest, take a bold decision and hire public transport, like a taxi or even a cab from a cab aggregator, and soak in Mumbai on the streets before you finally reach Haji Ali to marvel at its architecture.

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