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Chambal wildlife sanctuary

Visit Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary : Places & Activities of Interest, How to Reach, Food & Shopping (2024)

Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of India’s biggest wildlife sanctuaries located at the tip of Madhya Pradesh. It shares its area with two other states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh to form the Chambal eco-reserve. The name is derived from the river of the same name, which flows through these three states.

Chambal wildlife sanctuary is home to several endangered species like Gharial, Ganges river dolphin, etc. The total land coverage of the Chambal wildlife sanctuary extends to 5,400 km, making it one of India’s largest wildlife sanctuaries. Even though it is a part of three states, Madhya Pradesh has prominence over the sanctuary and is administered under their state department.

Apart from the endangered wildlife, the Chambal wildlife sanctuary is a beautiful abode of innumerable species of animals and birds. The migratory birds, too, are a part of this sanctuary during the winters, which is a great time to visit.

Chambal wildlife sanctuary

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The boat ride through the Chambal River will be the best thing about your trip to the Chambal wildlife sanctuary. The tourists can also visit the Ater fort, which is adjacent to the Chambal wildlife sanctuary. More details on the places of interest and popular activities at Chambal wildlife sanctuary are as follows:

Places and Activities of Interest in Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

The different types of safaris through the forest and the waters of the Chambal wildlife sanctuary is the best experience that the tourist can get at Chambal wildlife sanctuary. Unlike most other wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India, Chambal has an extensive range of activities to explore for the tourists around the year.

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is one of the most popular safaris available in the Chambal wildlife sanctuary, an efficient and widely preferred form of safari. A set of open-air jeeps are available for the tourists, and they are assigned to an expert tourist guide to ride them through the jungle and the banks of Chambal. Compared to other safaris, jeep safaris cover more distance, and tourists will get to see a lot. The safari is also extremely safe and the most comfortable one. 

Boat Ride

Without any doubt, the boats rides on Chambal river will be one of the best experience in your lifetime. Several spots and guides are available on the Chambal River banks, who will take you to this fantastic ride, which is both adventurous and fulfilling. You can spot the Gangetic dolphin, Gharials, and many more birds and aquatic wildlife in this ride.

Camel Safari

One of the perks of sharing its land with Rajasthan, Chambal wildlife sanctuary, also provides you with this exquisite camel ride. Rajasthan is the land of camels in India, and this is one of the rarest experiences you can ever think of in a wildlife sanctuary. This ride through the deserts and towns of Rajasthan, adjacent to the Ater fort, is a pleasant experience.

River Rafting

Ready for some real action and adventure? Various hubs in the Chambal River will provide the tourists with the river rafting boat, a bunch of equipment, and a trained guide. A soothing and wild adventure in the middle of the Chambal wildlife sanctuary is one of the most beautiful activities you will experience here.  River Rafting in Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

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Other Activities

Chambal wildlife sanctuary also provides you with some more adventure and fun activities that deserve mention. The banks of the river Chambal offer numerous spots which are great for bird watching and photography, which is simply a paradise for bird lovers. There are many villages adjacent to the Chambal wildlife sanctuary where the tourists are welcomed, and guides are also available for showing you around.

Once you have completed your safari at Chambal wildlife sanctuary, you can also visit this beautiful waterfall of Damoh and take a bath here.

The caves and the greenery surrounding the waterfalls give this a breath-taking view. The tourists can also participate in the camping sites where they can camp for an entire night, having fun and enjoying the wild ambiance to its fullest. The guides will also take you on an adventure trip for clicking photos of wildlife, flora, and fauna at Chambal wildlife sanctuary.

How To Reach Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary?

Compared to some of India’s prominent wildlife sanctuaries, the Chambal wildlife sanctuary has easy access to major cities and transportation facilities from all parts of India. Let us take a look at some of the significant modes of transportation connecting to Chambal.

By Road: Agra is the major town that falls nearest to the Chambal wildlife sanctuary. It is just a two-hour ride away from Agra, and Agra is well connected to all other major cities of India. You can easily pick the NH45 related to the Chambal wildlife sanctuary roadways from other major cities like Delhi and Jaipur.

By Rail: The closest railway station near the Chambal wildlife sanctuary is in Dholpur, which is nearly 90 km away. Since it is a small station and not well connected to other major railway junctions of India, you can pick the Cantt railway central of Agra, which connects all major Indian cities, 104 km away from the Chambal wildlife sanctuary. Gwalior and Agra are both close, but most convenient is Agra, which is well-connected to all major cities from all over India.

By Air: There are no airports in the given location of Chambal wildlife sanctuary, and the nearest one is in Agra, which is just 107 km away from the sanctuary and the other nearest Airport is Gwalior. It is another two-hour ride to reach Chambal wildlife sanctuary where you can quickly get into local means of transportation.

Food and Cuisine to Explore in Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

Since the Chambal wildlife sanctuary is a part of three different states, the restaurants close to the refuge provide all significant Indian cuisines and international delicacies with excellent ambiance and service. From affordable, budget restaurants and fast food places to excellent restaurants with top of the class services are also available here.

Shopping in Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

There are a lot of small shops adjacent to the sanctuary which provides tourists with all kinds of essential products and services which are needed for your safari and your stay at Chambal wildlife sanctuary. In case you want to go for a better shopping experience, the prominent cities of these states like Agra, Delhi, parts of Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh offer more significant markets selling an extensive range of goods.


Chambal Wildlife sanctuary is a perfect mixture of all the elements we like to experience in a wild jungle adventure. From camping to safari, boat rides to river rafting, and some great places for wildlife sightings and general sightseeing. The ease of reach and location attracts a massive influx of tourists during the season and never disappoints with what it has to offer. If you are about to make your plans for a wild adventure, add Chambal wildlife sanctuary to your list when it is safe to travel again.

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