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Visit City of Rhodes: The Capital of Rhodes Island & Oldest Inhabited Town (2020)

Visit City of Rhodes: The Capital of Rhodes Island & Oldest Inhabited Town (2024)

City of Rhode is located north of Rhode island. The population of capital city is 50,600. The city of Rhodes is considered one of the oldest inhabited town and UNESCO considers this town as “World Heritage City” since 1988. Most tourist arrive at the Rhodes island by flight. Most hotels and guest houses are located in new town. Most houses, hotels and apartments are modern in construction and architectural style. The facilities available at the hotels and rental properties are comparable to similar properties at any western larger cities. In most cases these places are at walking distance from hotel or rental properties. The best two options to travel around the island is either by rental car or city bus. The car rental places are available at the airport, harbor and also in the city.

City of Rhodes

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The tourists can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at one of the fast food or full-service restaurants. The cost of meal at fast food service restaurant are often valued ½ of full-service restaurants at Rhodes island. Most families traveling with children prefer to eat all three meals at fast food restaurant. Some of the full-service restaurant near the harbor serve best ocean food meals as well as offer menu of authentic Greek meat dishes. Most visitors like to walk around the harbor in the evening before dinner. There are several gift shops as well as bars near the harbor. Visitors who come to enjoy beach often select hotels and rental properties near Elli beach. Most such properties are  at walking distance from the beach. The guests can spend a day visiting old town and Acropolis of Rhodes.  

Places To See In City Of Rhodes: 

  1. The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of RhodesThe palace of the grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes is about 3.5 km from the city center. The palace was built as a Byzantine citadel in 7th century. The Fortress was used as an administration center by the Knights who were appointed by Roman Empire during 13th to 16th century. The administrative place was thus known as a Palace of Grand Master. The palace is open from 8 am to 6 pm and entry fee is about $ 10. The Palace was damaged in 1856 following explosion caused by gunpowder. The damaged section was reconstructed in 1940. There are guided tours available at the site.
    Places To See In City Of Rhodes-The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes
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  2. Old Town of Rhodes: UNESCO Old town of Rhodes is about 2.5 km from city center of city of Rhodes. The old town of Rhodes was the capital town of the island since, 2,400 years ago until 19th century. The old town is located adjacent to new town and considered an extension of new town. The old town has several ancient buildings as well as Gothic style churches that were built during Byzantine and Roman era. The old town was thus considered Hellenistic style of city. Most of the pebble stone streets are clean and has few coffee shops where tourists can relax while spending time exploring the old town. The gift shops and restaurants are seen all over the old town along the streets. The streets in old town are built in the direction of north/south and east/west. Visitors visiting old town with tourist bus or private car often visit Grandmaster Castle that is located in northern part of old town. The northern part also has 2 windmills and is busy during tourist time. Tourist can take a local bus or taxi to Old town. Few visitors often are lost in old town and best way to find way back is to ask shop keeper or local visitor. Most tourist want to return to bus station or taxi stand and almost all locals know the request for direction is to find a bus or taxi stand. Old town is the place to take lots of pictures. 
    Top Attraction Place In Rhodes-Old Town of Rhodes: UNESCO 
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  3. Acropolis of Rhodes The ruin Acropolis of Rhodes is about 3 km from the city center and visitors can walk to the ruin from their nearby hotels. The ruin represents the section of partial temple of Apollo and small theatre. The Acropolis was built on small hill known as Monte Smith. Acropolis means ‘high city’ in Greek language. The temple and stadium was built in 3rd century BC. In the past stadium was used for festival, sports and religious get together. Tourists can see a panoramic view of city and astonishing sunset from the summit of Acropolis of Rhodes. The initial excavation was initiated in 1912 by Italian archeologist that lasted until 1945. The ruins were further studied and restored by German archeologist after world war two. Today 135,000 square foot area around the Acropolis of Rhodes is reserved for archeological studies and no construction is allowed. Visitors come in small and large groups to see the Acropolis of Rhodes. Most group come in small or large sized buses organized by national or international tourist companies. Such tours are always accompanied by experienced guide. Individual tourist, students and couples travel by local buses or taxi. There are lots of information available about the Acropolis at the site. 
    Attraction Tourist Place In Rhodes-Acropolis of Rhodes
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  4. The Suleman Mosque The mosque is located 3  km north from city center. The mosque was built by followers of Ottoman in 1522. The mosque was damaged during 17th century and rebuilt in 1808. The mosque was the first mosque built on island of Rhodes for prayer by ottoman followers. The mosque is at present used as a museum and visitors are allow to visit the mosque at certain time of the day.
    Top Tourist Place In Rhodes-The Suleman Mosque
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  5. Holy Trinity The Holy Trinity is the Church of Annunciation of Virgin in Rhodes Town of Dodecanese. The Church of the Annunciation of Virgin is the most famous Monastery in Rhodes Town. The church is located north of Mandraki, that was an old port of the town, this church was constructed in the 1920s, during the Italian occupation of the island.
    Top Tour Place In Rhodes-Holy Trinity
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  6. The Archaeological Museum of RhodesThe museum is about 3 km northwest of the city center of Rhodes. The museum was built as a medieval palace in the late 14th century. The museum has exhibits from 1st century BC. The artifacts were collected from the island of Rhodes as well as a few of the surrounding islands. Museum has a unique exhibit of the head of Helios. 
    Best Visiting Place In Rhodes-The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes
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  7. The Byzantine (Modern Greek) Art Museum The museum is known as the Byzantine as well as Modern Greek Art Museum. The museum is located at the northern tip of the island 3 km north from the city center of Rhodes. The museum was the old cathedral used by the knights during the Roman era. The church was built in the 11th century. The museum hosts exhibits of Byzantine items. The exhibits include artifacts, tools, tapestries, wall, and ceiling paintings. Tapestries include painting over the thick textile fabric, embroidering on canvas, wall hanging, and furniture covering. Check the opening and closing times.  
  8. Municipal Art Gallery The Municipal art gallery is located 2.5 km northeast of the city center of Rhodes. The Municipal art gallery is managed by the Museum of Neohellenic Art of the Municipality of Rhodes. Museum has a collection of Greek modern art, artworks of famous Greek artists like Fotis Kontoglou, Yannis Spiropoulos, Spyros Vassiliou, and N. Hadzikyriakos-Gikas.
    Sightseeing Place to Visit In Rhodes-Municipal Art Gallery
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