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Explore The Top 10 Historical Commission Sites In Texas

Explore The Top 10 Historical Commission Sites In Texas (2024)

Every state has its historical importance, and with history comes different sites or commissions that played a significant role in their history. If you are visiting Texas, then learning about its history would be a major part of your time here because it has so much to explore. You can walk down the battleground where Texas fought for its independence or go to see where the declaration of independence was signed.

Texas has a much more life reputation because of its rich, glorious history. If you are the person who gets excited about historical sites, then a visit to all these historical commission sites in Texas will let you discover new stories yourself.

Explore The Historical Commission Sites In Texas

10 Historical Commission Sites In Texas:

1. Monument Hill State Historic Site

The Monument Hill State Historic Site is the place that commemorates the lives of Texans who lost their lives in the 1842 Dawson Massacre and during the failed Mier Expedition in 1843. Here you will see a 48 foot tall stone pillar standing on the ground with art deco murals on it. All the remains of those Texans who died during the massacres are buried in a crypt that is marked by the monument.

You can pay your respects at the graveyard site, and don’t forget to witness the river’s stunning views and town. The site also has several walking trails with large trees and wildflowers all around, especially during the summer season. You can also organize a picnic here and spend the rest of your time exploring the history of Texan in the visitor’s area.
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2. Kreische Brewery State Historic Site

When you visit the Kreische Brewery State Historic Site, you will feel like you have entered 19th century Texas. The site was owned by Kreishche, who was a master stonemason. He built his home here and started his first commercial brewery in Texas, where you will be currently standing. Though the brewery is now in ruins, you can still see the left parts of the brewery.

Kreische Brewery State Historic Site

Image Source

On this tour, you will learn about the different brewing processes and his famous signature beer, named Kreische Bluff Beer, which was named in honor of this site’s sacred bluff. Also, make sure you are in your sneakers because there are numerous walking trails and stairs at the property to roam around the historic site properly.

3. San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site

The very inspirational site San Jacinto Battleground State in Texas is remembered with a 570 foot tall monument that is specially dedicated to San Jacinto battle. It is also the tallest masonry memorial monument in the whole world. If a museum is the thing you are looking for then the base area of the site has the museum where you can learn or gain knowledge about the various parts of Texas history or you can witness numerous artefacts or the best is to watch the movie about San Jacinto battle.

To enjoy some stunning views, take the elevator, which takes you up to a height of 489 feet and enjoy the beautiful views of the inner gulf coast from the tower’s top and imagine yourself watching the various events that would have happened in the past on the battlefield.
Historical Commission Sites In Texas-San Jacinto Battleground State Historic SiteImage Source

4. Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site

It would be surprising for everyone that Washington’s unassuming town that is located between Houston and College Station is the birthplace of Texas. Representatives from different parts of Texas gathered here to sign the declaration of Independence of Texas on 2nd March 1836. The significant site Washington-on-the-Brazos commemorates this historical date with numerous museum events throughout the year. At this site, you can learn about the lives of Texan people before independence and enjoy a walk alongside the Brazos river to witness some beautiful scenic views.

Also, every third Saturday of the month, when you can experience the living history, which is an event that amazes the visitors by bringing the past to the present with quirky costumes, characters and fun interactive activities are enjoyed. The independence day celebration of Texas is also hosted at this site, every march with music, entertainment, reenactments, exhibitions and lots more.
Best Historical Commission Sites In Texas-Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic SiteImage Source

5. Star Of The Republic Museum

For almost ten years, Texas was a sovereign nation, and this site Star of The Republic Museum is the only site or museum in the state dedicated to those ten republic years of Texas history from 1836 to 1846. Here you can explore more than thousands of artifacts that portray the stories of Texans’ past lives only at this unique museum located at the Washington-on-the-Brazos property.

Wander around the museum, and you will witness Texas’s past history and cultural diversities from the beginning and till the present time. There’s also a Pioneer Playroom at the site, which allows young little children to try their hands on the period clothing or sit in wagons and experience the daily life activities of Texas’s past era.
Amazing Historical Commission Sites In Texas-Star Of The Republic MuseumImage Source

6. Barrington Plantation

Your tour for historical commission sites will be continued with this one lush green historical site named Barrington Plantation, where you can explore the final home of Anson Jones. He was the last president of the Republic of Texas. After he retired from his presidential responsibilities, he lived here and started their farming business, which was a huge success and ran for more than a decade.

The living historical site, Barrington Plantation in Texas, replicated the life 150 years back with complete livestock breeds, all the interpreters dressed in period clothing and using only 19th-century farming methods. Here you can learn about how to plant or harvest crops or how to make your own soap, and all the different farming activities during that time. This is a very interesting place to visit because you yourself indulge in different past-life activities and experience the history in a practical way.
Popular Historical Commission Sites In Texas-Barrington PlantationImage Source

7. Fanthorp Inn State Historic Site

When you wander around the Anderson’s town area and the time, you find verdant oaks and a very ancient historic structure standing very abundantly right in the middle. That’s Fanthorp Inn State. A historic site in Texas from the 19th century was also a family home constructed in 1834 by the English immigrant Henry Fanthorp. It was a very welcoming stop for the weary travelers, and it also acted as the first post office for the area, and Fanthorp himself was the postmaster of that region.

The site still stands beneath the same beautiful oak tree in a land that produces bluebonnets every spring. It is also open for free public tours every Saturday and Sunday, where you can learn beautiful and colorful stories that make that Inn a community treasure. The property has decent dining table sets for dinners, furnished bedrooms and more things.
Famous Historical Commission Sites In Texas-Fanthorp Inn State Historic SiteImage Source

8. Port Isabel Lighthouse State Historic Site

When you move towards the Gulf Coast of Texas, you will see a shining beacon in the night, and that is the Port Isabel Lighthouse, which was built in 1852 to help or guide the sea captains till the early 1900s. The lighthouse shines brightly from 72 feet above the ground. During the Civil War, it was also used as an observation point by the soldiers from the union.

Presently, the sailors no longer use the lighthouse as their night guide, but it is open for public tours. And the major fact about this Port Isabel Lighthouse is the only one of the 16 lighthouses placed along the Texas Coast. Climb up the 75 stairs and witness magnificent views of South Padre Island and its beautiful beaches.
Top Historical Commission Sites In Texas-Port Isabel Lighthouse State Historic SiteImage Source

9. The Alamo Historic Site

Texas’s most popular battle site, The Spanish colonial-style fort where a 13-day siege happened 1836 at the time of Texas Revolution, and all the troops from Mexico’s side defeated the group of Texas soldiers volunteers who were fighting and struggling for freedom from Mexico. All the visitors of this historic site pay homage to the men who fought the battle.

So many complex original buildings of the fort are now in ruins. Still, the Long Barrack now houses a museum that has all the details related to Texas history, and people witness different displays of battle artifacts like weapons used during the battle or the painting and the costumes. The entry to this place is free and has been preserved by the daughters of the Republic of Texas since 1905.

Top-rated Historical Commission Sites In Texas-The Alamo Historic Site

Photo Credit: Ken Lund Image Source

10. Stockyards National Historic District

Presently, the things at Stockyards National Historic District are more than a little bit country, and it is the place where you can see Fort Worth Stockyards that are the only remaining stockyards in the United States. Tour around the area, and you will see the only indoor arena, the Cowtown Coliseum, all in this single place.

Visit the Livestock exchange building, the stockyards museum, which will help you learn more about Fort Worth and the importance of live stocks in Texas. Also, while exploring, you can grab some beer at the White elephant salon in Fort Worth, the oldest bar at this location.
Nice Historical Commission Sites In Texas-Stockyards National Historic DistrictiteImage Source

Whether you are a history lover or just a curious traveler, all of these historical commission sites of Texas will provide you exciting activities suitable for all ages to step back in the past. In fact, many of these sites are on the way to Texas road trip destinations, so you can even plan short drives to all these places and learn more about these exceptional historic properties.

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