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Visit Tattapani - water rafting in the mighty Sutlej River

Visit Tattapani: Places to Visit and Activities to Do In Tattapani, Stay Options, Food, Best Time to Visit (2023)

Tattapani is a small village located on the Shimla Mandi highway in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of 52 km from Shimla and 29 km from Naldhera and situated at the right bank of river Sutlej at an altitude of 2,230 ft. above the sea level. Tattapani name is derived from the local language where “Tatta” means “Hot” and Tattapani means Hot water which the area is famous for. Tattapani is known for its hot water springs that are spread over an area of one square kilometer. The spring water is said to have curative powers that provide relief from chronic ailments like arthritis and other joint pain, fatigue, it is said that the water has helped you relieve stress, it cures poor blood circulation, and helps get rid of skin diseases.

Tattapani is also a very famous place for water sports and activities and heaven for adventure seekers. Tourists enjoy white water rafting in the mighty Sutlej River which is the longest river in the country. River rafting takes place in the cold water of River Sutlej and the best time to enjoy white water rafting is between May and June. You can-do white-water rafting from Chabba to Tattapani which is a 12 km stretch or from Sunni to Tattapani which is a 5 km stretch. Another option is a stretch of 36 km from Pandowa to Tattapani. If you ask the locals, they will tell you to head to Shiva’s Cave. It is located 3.5 km from the town center, and they are famous for its tales of miracles and fulfillment of wishes of its devotees. You can also enjoy Zorbing, Skiing, Paragliding, Trekking, and Camping in Tattapani. In addition to all of these adventure activities, it is also a very nice place to bask in nature and spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city and your daily life. A detailed guide to planning your trip to Tattapani is mentioned below:

How To Reach Tattapani?

Tattapani is a well-connected hill station and is well connected via train, flight, and by road. Although since it is a hill station, it becomes mandatory to travel by road. You can choose from the air travel, trains, buses, or taxis based on your budget and convenience to reach this heavenly abode to calm your senses and heals your mind, body, and soul. Different modes of reaching Tattapani are mentioned below:

  1. Reaching Tattapani by Flight: The nearest airbase to reach Tattapani is Jubbarhatti and is 63 kilometers from here. And the major nearest airport connecting all major cities is Chandigarh Airport which is 150 km from Tattapani. There are direct flights to Jubbarhatti from Delhi and Chandigarh. You can also take a flight to Chandigarh and reach Shimla by bus or a private Taxi. The bus service from Chandigarh to Shimla is very good and will take around 4-5 hours to reach Shimla and you can take a connecting bus from Shimla or Kalka to Tattapani. If you are coming from Delhi and do not have a lot of time to spare traveling via bus or train, you can take a direct flight from Delhi to Jubbarbhatti.
  2. Reaching Tattapani by Train: The nearest railway station to Tattapani in Shimla which is 51 km far. The nearest broad-gauge railway stations nearest to Tattapani are in Chandigarh which is 136 km and Ambala which is 178 km. Reaching Tattapani by train is a little tricky but is a scenic ride. You can take a train till Chandigarh from your respective stations and take a bus or taxi to reach Kalka. From Kalka, you can take the famous toy train to reach Shimla which is a single-track rail and is the most scenic route you will be on in the northern part of India on a train in the Himalayas. From Shimla, you can take a taxi to reach Tattapani or you can also take a bus from the new bus stand in Shimla.
  3. Reaching Tattapani by Road: You can either take a bus or taxi to reach Tattapani directly. To reach Tattapani by Bus, you can take an overnight bus from ISBT New Delhi to reach Shimla or you can take a bus from Chandigarh to reach Tattapani. There are frequent buses run by Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) that can be booked well in advance from online portals as well to travel to a bus or taxi to reach Tattapani directly. Or the best and a little expensive option to hire a taxi to reach Tattapani directly. You can choose your mode of conveyance based on our ease and your pocket.
  4. Local Transport in Tattapani: Although the best way to explore the hills is to walk and enjoy the lush greenery while walking. Bit there are taxis available for people who want to go to nearby places and explore the town in a car.

Best Time To Visit Tattapani

Every season has its charm and pleasure in Tattapani and you would see tourists all-round the year at this tiny little hill station. However, winters are considered the best time to visit Tattapani since one gets to enjoy the Hot water sulfur springs near the banks of River Sutlej. You can also enjoy white water rafting and it feels great to feel the warm water on your skin in the winters. The summers in Tattapani last between April to June and are pleasant with temperatures ranging from 12 to 20 degrees. The sky is clear during the summer and is a good time to visit this beautiful place. The winters are very chilly and icy-cold with a minimum temperature falling to sub-zero levels. The temperature drops down to-7 to 10 degrees Celsius but this is a favorable time for tourists to witness snowfall in Tattapani or even bathe in the hot Sulphur water springs of River Sutlej.

There is a huge rush of tourists in Tattapani from March to May and the temperature is pleasant compared to other parts of the country where it is brazenly hot. You can decide when you want to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city and want to stay and rejuvenate your cluttered mind in the lap of the Himalayas.

Places To Visit and Activities to Do In Tattapani:

There are many places to visit in Tattapani. You can visit the beautiful hot water springs and in addition to it enjoy adventure and sports activities in the mighty Sutlej river. Other places and activities you can visit while you are in this heavenly abode are mentioned below:

  1. Hot Water Spring and White Water Rafting: This is one of the most sough things to do when you are in Tattapani. It is frequently visited by the young crowd, but you will see people of all ages enjoying the white-water rafting in the mighty Sutlej. The water is also considered to have medicinal qualities as it is believed that a dip in the hot water can cure skin diseases, joint pains, and fatigue. Although it is not a natural spring since it disappears in June and July as the level of the river rises then it reappears in November and December. Also regarded as an auspicious place in January and February, you will see many pilgrims visit this place for a dip in the spring.
    Visit Tattapani - water rafting in the mighty Sutlej RiverImage SourceShiva Caves: Shiva cave is a very ancient and religious place located around 3.5 km from Tattapani in Saraur. It is a historically built beautiful temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and attracts thousands of tourists and locals and people from the nearby area every year. The place is specially lit up during Shivaratri celebrations every year and you can see the shiva cave in all its glory. It is also a nice place for nature lovers and many people are coming here for walks and hikes. You will be able to see the stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. It is an ideal spot for fishing and swimming. You can choose to drive for 10 min or climb well maintained 450 stairs to reach the temple.
    Place To Visit In Tattapani-Shiva Caves
    Image Source
  2. Adventure Park: It is a very famous destination in Tattapani and is visited by several travelers and locals. This is an ideal place for you to enjoy your time with your friends and family if you are looking for a small day getaway. In addition to a cool, peaceful, and serene environment with beautiful views, you will also be able to enjoy adventurous activities with your friends and family too. This park offers several thrilling activities like a rope bridge, Burma Bridge, commando net and flying fox, etc.
    Incredible Place to Visit in Tattapani-Adventure Park, Burma Bridge
    Image Source
  3. Mahunag: This is another temple located at a distance of around 35 km from Tattapani is extremely famous among the tourists as well as locals. It is an ancient temple dedicated to Mahun Nag also known as the great snake is a temple of Maharaja Karna. Another beautiful thing about the place is that it is located at a very beautiful site and you will be able to enjoy the lush greenery around the temple. You can also come here to spend some time away from the hustle of the city.
  4. Hiking and Camping: There are many famous hiking spots around Tattapani which are famous for the views the valley has to offer. One can enjoy a solo hike or with friends and family. The hikes are easy to moderate difficulty hikes which can be taken easily if you have a decent fitness level and availability of time. Many trekking and hiking routes start from Tattapani which can be taken by tourists. You can see some of the best views of pine forests and mountain tops. You will be able to see the majestic and awe-inspiring mountain ranges while you are hiking in this area. Some of the famous hiking routes around the area are Shikari Devi Peak, Dev Bedeog Peak, and Shali Peak. You can also camp while hiking at some of the routes. You will get to stay amidst the lush greenery if you are planning to camp here. Do not worry if you do not have any camping equipment with you to carry. Many tourist companies provide camping services at the best prices and you can make the most of it. You will get all necessities starting from equipment like tents, sleeping bags, and other necessary equipment. It is one-of-a-kind experiences to camp here.
    Magnetic Attraction of Tattapani-Hiking and Camping
    Image Source
  5. Hanuman Mandir: This temple is also known as Jai Shree Dev Badeyogi Ji Maharaj. This temple is famous among the locals and tourists equally and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The temple is built in classic north Indian architecture and is located at a very beautiful site. This famous temple is located in Mandi and is a few kilometers from Tattapani. It is a very fascinating site awaits you and, on your way, you see the local farmers using traditional ways of agriculture to grow crops.
    Must-Visit Attraction of Tattapani-Hanuman Mandir
    Image Source
  6. Chindi: Chindi is a quaint, small, and village unexplored by the tourists that sit quietly in the lap of nature in 1850 meters in Karsong valley in Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of 35 km from Tattapani and is not a place to be missed to be visited. Chindi is packed with apple orchards and enormous pine and deodar forests and are famous for picture-perfect views of the Himalayas. You can also find several small temples near the village that have local religious importance. Chindi is around 87 km from Shimla and 107 km from Mandi and is known primarily for various temples in the area. There are not many famous hotels or vacation homes in Chindi as the place is raw and is quite unexplored. The government accommodation at PWD Rest House is the best option in addition to Hotel Manleshwar. Travelers might not receive and should not expect top-notch modern amenities while planning to stay at this place, but they would find all necessities to relax in the beautiful valley.
  7. Mountain Biking: Mountain biking is not a very famous activity to do in Mashobra, but it certainly is a very fun activity for tourists to do. You can try Mountain Biking in Tattapani if you have not tried it before. Or you can also visit Tattapani especially to try and experience the thrill of mountain biking. There are many tour companies offering packages for these adventure sports around the area. They have good packages you can buy to enjoy these activities in and around Tattapani.
    Best Place To Visit In Tattapani-Mountain Biking
    Image Source

Places To Stay In Tattapani

There are many comfortable and luxurious resorts in Tattapani for you to enjoy the beauty of the hills in the area. These luxurious resorts offer a panoramic view of the valley and have all the necessary services available for you to treat your senses. You can also find many homestays which are quite famous among families as well as young people and adventure seekers as you can have the entire area to yourself and enjoy there as per your comfort. And if you are staying with a landlord at your homestay, you get to enjoy the local and homecooked food in addition to getting to know the local folk stories and hidden spots for you to see. Some of the famous resorts around the area are Some of the famous resorts and homestays are Koti resorts, Hotel Hot Spring Tattapani, Hotel de Crown among the many resorts in the area, among others.

Things to Eat While in Tattapani

Many famous restaurants are offering lip-smacking food in the area. You will find restaurants serving multi-cuisine food you can enjoy.

Additionally, the resorts mentioned above have amazing in-house restaurants where you can enjoy scrumptious meals with a view of the valley which makes the food taste even better. There are also many street vendors offering some of the best Tibetan dishes for you to enjoy. If you do not worry about eating outside local food, the street food in Tattapani is a must-try. You will eat the best Burgers and Spring Rolls from street vendors in the area. Visit Tattapani to treat all your senses and get bewitched by the beauty of this place.

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