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Bijapur - Most Popular Weekend Destination from Bidar

3 Most Popular Weekend Destinations from Bidar (2024)

Bidar is one of the cities in Karnataka that is growing very quickly. It is famous for the forts and other places that would interest a tourist. However, Bidar also has several places of tourist interest nearby, and make for a perfect itinerary for anyone looking to spend a weekend away from Bidar.

3 Most Popular Weekend Destinations from Bidar

If you are looking for a list of best weekend destinations within 300 kms from Bidar, read this list.

1. Bijapur

Bijapur is near Bidar and has several places of tourist interest, making it an ideal weekend destination from Bidar. The various structures here are a symbol of Indian heritage and Indi-Arabic architecture. Bijapur has a couple of tombs and mausoleums in dedication to its previous rulers and the most prominent among them is the Ibrahim Rauza.

The structure has the tomb of one of the rulers of Bijapur, Ibrahim Adil Shah II. You see the intricate, flowery carvings and architecture that is vividly seen in Indo-Arabic architecture. The entire structure has arches and detailed inscriptions all over. Another must-visit structure in Bijapur is the Gol Gumbaz, the mausoleum of the ruler Adil Shah and other important personalities.

The Gol Gumbaz and the Ibrahim Rauza offer a glimpse of not just the architecture of an age gone by but also the kind of lifestyle that the royalty lived back then. The Gol Gumbaz is also important from the tourist point of view because it is the biggest dome in the world, after the Basilica in Rome. These are the three most important tourist locations in Bijapur. You can visit all of them in a day, as both of them are about fifteen minutes away. Another place of tourist importance here is the Bijapur fort.

Bijapur plays an important role in Indian history, and it was a kingdom before India became a republic. Inside the fort structure, you will find several other structures that provide insights into the art and architecture that was part of the Indo-Islamic style of architecture. It is one of the oldest forts and dates back to the 10th century.

Another must-visit place in Bidar is the 85 feet Lord Shiva statue.

Bijapur is about five hours away from Bidar at a distance of 270 km. You can complete this journey by road and rail. By train, you will need to take one until Bagedavi Road and then continue to Bijapur by road, either by private car or taxi or bus. You will also find several buses that ply on this route. The various places, the ease of travel, and other such aspects make Bijapur one of the perfect weekend getaways from Bidar.

Bijapur has several hotels and they offer accomodation at all rates. You will see ultra-luxury hotels as well as the ones that cater to the economy class. The various hotels available here are the Hotel Royal Residency, the Hotel Pearl, an OYO Hotel, and several more. Bijapur, with all its beauty and amenities, is one of the most interesting weekend destination from Bidar.

2. Karimnagar

Karimnagar is in Telangana, which is at a distance of about 280 kms from Bidar, also has enough tourist locations to keep you busy for the weekend. Karimnagar has the Kondagatty Anjaneya Swamy temple, in dedication to the Lord Anjaneya. One pro tip, while the temple is very famous, many tourists have cautioned against the presence of monkeys, who can get a bit aggressive at times. The temple is also unique because you get to see the unique art of South India in the form of idols.

The Elgandel Fort is also a must-visit location in Karim Nagar. It offers a beautiful view of Indo-Arabic architecture as it belongs to the 14th century, which was when the Mughals ruled India. The fort has several structures within, which give insights into the life and times of the royals back in the day. It is one of the few forts that have a masjid as well as a temple within its environs. It’s a bit of a climb to reach the fort, so you get a mesmerizing view down below. Another fort in Karimnagar is the Jagtial Fort, which is in better condition than the Elgandel Fort. While there have been some modern fortifications to it, you will still be able to see the cannons that exist within the fort premises.

These are some of the places that you can visit in Karimnagar. Karimnagar is an upcoming city, and there are two malls that you can shop at, and experience the evening and nightlife in this area. Therefore, Karimnagar is one of the many perfect weekend getaways from Bidar.

Karimnagar is an off-beat tourist location, but the prices for the hotel stay are a bit on the expensive side. The hotels here work on the price band between 1500 to 3000 rupees. The prices and the places to visit makes Karimnagar one of the most popular weekend destinations from Bidar.

3. Hyderabad

Another city of cultural and historical importance and with a rich heritage is Hyderabad. Bidar is about 150 km away from Hyderabad, making it a perfect weekend destination from Bidar. In Hyderabad, you can visit the Golconda Fort, which dates back to the fifteenth century. One important aspect is the diamond mines nearby, which produced the now-infamous Kohinoor diamond. The fort consists of several tombs, regal residences, and gardens, like every other well-maintained fort in India. For history buffs, Hyderabad has the Salar Jung Museum, which has several artifacts that are relevant to the region and of the Nizams, who were once the rulers of Hyderabad.

The Chowmahalla Palace in Hyderabad is one of the most important historical structures in India, as it was the main residence of the Nizams, the ruling family of this region. The Palace has several artifacts and pieces of furniture that tell you about the life and times of the Nizams. One USP of the visit to the Chowmahalla Palace is the garage that has the antique cars. You can also visit the coronation hall, and marvel at the various decorations that hone the place even today. Hyderabad, with all its grandeur, opulence, and history, makes for an excellent weekend getaway from Bidar.

Hyderabad is a major state in India, and you have several hotels that offer you accommodation at various prices. you can get a room here for anything between Rs. 1000 to 30,000/Day. You can complete the journey either via road or rail. Though Bidar and Hyderabad both have airports, the Bidar airport is usually used for airforce operations.

These are some of the most popular weekend destinations from Bidar.

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