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Birwadi Fort - When Shivaji Maharaj Kept an Eye On His Enemies

Birwadi Fort: When Shivaji Maharaj Kept an Eye On His Enemies (2024)

The Birwadi Fort is one of the many forts that Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje built during his time. Several locals from the nearby Birwadi village travel to this fort for the calm and soothing environment that it provides. Here is all that you would need to know about the Birwadi fort.

Historical Importance of the Birwadi Fort

The Birwadi Fort was of some importance for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He built the fort so that he could keep an eye on the Revdanda waterway and his enemy, Siddhi of Janjira. Therefore, the fort has an integral role in the Maratha War of Independence.

Structures Inside the Birwadi Fort

Birwadi Fort has weathered well, and you will be able to recognize many of the structures inside the fort. To begin with, you will see a large water tank right at the entrance. The walk to Birwadi fort is a trek and begins with a visit to the Bhavani temple at the base. Near the temple is a life-size statue of the Chhatrapati. The statue is around 6 feet and looks glorious in the background of the lush greenery and the valley.

While going up, you will see water cisterns and a secret door that has probably saved some lives during its prime. There are three water cisterns along the route to the Birwadi fort. It is one of the few forts that still has small-sized water tanks made from rock along its fortifications.

It is a different fort because there are no inscriptions or carvings that you generally see in the other forts. It is also a smaller structure as compared to the other forts in the Maharashtra region.

Tourist Experience of Birwadi Fort

The trek starts from a village and a temple, but there is no commercial activity all around. So, tourists need to pack water and some snacks. The trek is of medium difficulty. You will be able to cover most of it, but there is some rock climbing to be done that might not be suitable for the elderly or people who are unaccustomed to trekking.

The fortifications that you need to climb to reach the top of the Birwadi fort do not have fencing. As you move, take a moment to look down at the valley below, and soak in the mesmerizing view. The entire area truly comes alive during the monsoon season, but then the risk increases as well.

Birwadi Fort - When Shivaji Maharaj Kept an Eye On His Enemies

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The monsoon season makes the place slippery and mossy, so go during the monsoon season only if you have had some practice of trekking and climbing. Once you climb up from the temple, there is absolutely nobody around, so ensure that you carry whatever first-aid, medicines, etc. that you might need during the trek.

Keep in mind that this is a forest area, if not a dense forest. You will see locals go up and down in sandals or even slippers, but they have grown up on these hills. You should ensure that you cover your arms and legs well because there is every chance that some leaf or plant might give you rashes if it touches your skin directly.

If you are planning to visit multiple places, you will need to plan for accommodation nearby, as there are no hotels or lodges available at the village. In a pinch, you can rest for the night at the temple.

Places to Visit Near Birwadi Fort

The Birwadi fort is a quick visit, you can start in the early morning, and you will complete your descent by the afternoon. There are some places that you can visit nearby, making for a more fruitful and memorable trip to this village.

About an hour from the Birwadi Fort is Ghosalgad fort. It is a medium difficulty trek as well, and if you time it right, you can visit both the forts in one day.

At around thirty minutes from Birwadi fort is the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a forest, home to several trees, plants, and wildlife. It is a must-visit place if you like to spend time on animals and plants.  Places to Visit Near Birwadi Fort - Nandgaon beach

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At around fifty minutes from Birwadi fort is Nandgaon beach in Kashid, well known for its cleanliness and serene atmosphere that it offers to the tourists visiting. You will also find watersports options at the Nandgaon beach.

At an hour’s drive from Birwadi fort is Murud Beach, one of the more famous beaches in the Konkan area. The beach is the hub of tourist activity, great for long walks along the coast as well as some watersports. Several hotels and restaurants around offer you a chance to taste the local cuisine.

And if you are up for it, you can take a two-hour drive to reach Tamhini falls. Of course, going to these falls will make sense only during the monsoon season. 

A three-hour drive takes you to Alibaug beach, one of the most popular beaches in the Konkan area. The beach has watersports and is clean enough for you to plan a quick dip.

How to Reach Birwadi?

To reach Birwadi, you will first need to come to Roha. On the Roha Murud Road, you need to reach village Chanera, which is nearer to Murud. The Birwadi village, at the foot of the Birwadi fort, is five KM away from Chanera. Mumbai and Pune are connected well to Roha. You can travel from Mumbai to Roha via train or via ST buses. Some private buses ply on this route as well.

Birwadi does not have a railway station, so you will either need to board a train till Veer railway station.

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