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Ghosalegad Fort - The Fort of Unknown Origin in Roha Region of Maharashtra

Ghosalegad Fort: The Fort of Unknown Origin in Roha Region of Maharashtra (2024)

Ghosalegad is a fort in the Roha region. The fort is a footnote in the Maratha conquest of the area, and in the life and times of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Today, it is one of the simplest treks in the Maharashtra and Konkan area. Back in the day, it was amid one of the most daring sieges in the history of India, if not the world. If you plan to visit Ghosalegad fort and wondering how to go about it, read this article.

Historical Importance of Ghosalegad Fort

The origin of Ghosalegad fort is unknown. It played a role when Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj killed Afzal Khan. Siddhi of Janjira, who supported Afzal Khan had surrounded this fort during the meet. When he found out about Afzal Khan’s death, he retreated. Due to this, Ghosalegad fort becomes an important part of the fort tourism in Maharashtra.  Historical Importance of Ghosalegad Fort

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Structures Inside Ghosalegad Fort

The Ghosalegad fort is on a hill. You will see various stones with inscriptions and carvings. At the base of the trek, there is a Svayambhu Ganesha Temple, one of the few in this area. A Syambhu temple is a remarkable occurrence. The temple to Lord Ganesha is known as a Svayambhu of a depiction of the Lord having appeared by itself. As you move up, you see a secret door that leads you to the top, hidden from everyone else.

You also see a structure that was supposed to store the arms and ammunition. At the very top, you will find stones with carvings of the Sharaba, an eight-legged creature that is part lion and part bird. Ghosalegad fort does not have many structures that one can recognize, but the authorities have marked some of them, like the secret passageway and the washrooms. There are a couple of water bodies along the way to the fort as well. There is a Shiv Ling. You will also see some cannons as you move up. There are some caves too.

Tourist Experience of Ghosalegad Fort

The Ghosalegad Fort is an easy trek and should not take long to complete. The fort is not on a steep level. The only difficulty one might face is while climbing the final steps towards the top of the fort, but even that is not that much of a risk. You will see locals travel up to the top of the Ghosalegad fort in slippers, so that should give newbies confidence.

The path to the fort has lush greenery and is picturesque. You will enjoy the journey as much as the destination will enthrall you with its views. You must visit Ghosalegad fort during the monsoons or the winter. From the top of the Ghosalegad fort, even the village on the foothills gives a cute view. The heat and the humidity of the Konkan region are famous. If by any chance you do need to make the visit during the summer, carry adequate water, sunscreen, and lotion.


Also, the path is through some trees and shrubs, so make it a point to wear clothes that completely cover your body. There is no commercial activity once you cross the village. Pack some light snacks and beverages that you would need.

Places Near Ghosalegad

Ghosalegad is in the Ratnagiri district, the home to several other forts and places of historical and religious importance. But these places are several kilometers away, and you will not be able to visit all of them over the weekend. If you intend to visit all these places, you will need at least two to three days to do so. Because the treks are not that difficult and because there is nothing much to look at, one can even complete the entire stretch of Talgad, Ghosagad, and Kuda caves in one day, but it will be a hurried tour.

Here are some of the places near Ghosalegad fort that you can visit.

Fort Avchitgad:

The fort is another quick trek and is close to the Ghosalgad fort. The fort is at around a 40-minute distance from Ghosalgad. The fort is in particularly good condition and has some small temples that make for a good visit. 

Kuda Caves:

The Kuda Caves are also nearby and offer a great picture of the lifestyles of people in an era gone by. Experts claim that the caves exist since 1 BC. Kuda Caves are 20 minutes from Ghosalegad.  Famous Place Near Ghosalegad - Kuda Caves

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Talgad Fort:

Talgad Fort is another fort in the area that is popular among tourists. The entire activity is a simple climb, and everyone can visit this fort. Talgad is a twenty-minute drive from Ghosalgad.  Top Place Near Ghosalegad - Talgad Fort

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Roha City:

The city of Roha has interesting places for tourists to visit. You can visit the Dhavir Temple, a temple dedicated to Dhavir Maharaj. The temple exists since 1849 and is one of the few temples that show unity among the people of Dhavir. Roha City is 15 minutes away from Ghosalegad. 

One aspect to keep in mind is that there are very few accommodation options nearby. If you plan to visit Talgad, Kuda Caves, and Ghosalegad. you must ensure your accommodation and that you will reach there by the evening.

How to Reach Ghosalegad Fort?

To reach Ghosalegad, you first need to reach Roha. Roha is well connected with the metros like Pune and Mumbai. If you are traveling from Mumbai and via train, you need to catch a train for Roha Junction from Dadar station. If you are planning to travel from Pune, you get direct trains from Pune Junction to Roha Junction. If you intend to drive, it is an under-three-hour journey from Mumbai. If you plan to drive from Pune, you will need to drive more than three hours. Several State Transport and luxury buses ply from Mumbai and Pune to Roha. You will need to check the exact timings.

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