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Waterfalls at Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary: History, Activities, Attraction, FAQs, Getting There (2024)

As we all know that the state of Uttar Pradesh is a magnificent collection of all kinds of tourist and pilgrim destinations. Some of the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of this state are known for its rare species of flora and fauna and most importantly rich in all kinds of species. The Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary of the Chandauli district is one such tourist site in the state of Uttar Pradesh where you can witness wildlife and plant life within secured bounds. Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary too is a wonderful choice for an ideal weekend getaway. Before planning the trip, let us take a closer look at the Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary of Uttar Pradesh.

History of Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary

The renowned Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary was established in the year 1957 as an initiative to protect the wildlife and plant life and to promote the tourism sector. The major highlight of the Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary is the two rivers, Karamnasha and Chandraprabha rivers which flows through the wildlife sanctuary. Another major spot of attraction to the tourists is the two waterfalls, known as Rajdari and Devdari, which are formed out of these rivers.

Taking the history of the land which is currently a wildlife sanctuary, it used to be a hunting ground right from the beginning of the eighteenth century. The rulers of Benares and their families used to hunt down Asiatic lions in these hunting grounds. Now they have become extinct in this region and now replaced by leopards, whom you can spot during the safari here.

Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary measures as a small but an attractive and feasible abode for the leopards, Blackbucks, Chital, Sambar, Pythons and much more wildlife within an area of 78 km. Now let us move on to some of the places and activities of attraction at Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary.

Places and Activities of Attraction at Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary

1. Hiking

Not many of the wildlife sanctuaries of our country have the set up to go on a hike, but Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary makes an exception and provides a wonderful site to go on a pleasing and perfect hike. Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary is surrounded by hilly terrains which provide a great surface to go on a hike and explore nature to its fullest. You can also find some beautiful caves and paintings on the way to the hilltops. Moreover, the hilly terrains of Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary provide excellent camping facilities too.

2. Sightseeing

Sightseeing is one of the primary activities to do at Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary, and you will enjoy it to the maximum. This is something which no other wildlife sanctuary of our country can provide as describing this scenic beauty is simply beyond words. The sunset point is a major attraction, apart from the points from where you can spot the wildlife and birds easily in such a breathtaking way. Leopards are the primary attraction when it comes to wildlife. Moreover, you can also visit the caves in the hilly terrains.

3. Birdwatching

Birdwatching is another interesting activity that tourists can enjoy at the Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary. The Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary is home for more than nearly 150 varieties of birds involving both the resident and migratory birds. The wildlife sanctuary is occupied with all the necessary setups like watchtowers and other sites to spot and watch the birds. A lot of bird lovers and professional bird watchers visit the wildlife sanctuary, especially during the times of migration for bird watching activities.

4. Waterfalls

As mentioned above, the two waterfalls of the Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary deserves a special mention as they are one of the primary attractions of this place. The waterfalls of Rajdari and Devdari provide a wonderful sight to the eyes, and its scenic beauty is simply marvellous. Their presence is like a relief centre for the visitors and tourists as they can visit and even take a fresh bath in the waterfalls after the trekking, sightseeing, hiking and other activities at Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary. Waterfalls at Chandraprabha Wildlife SanctuaryImage Source

5. Tribal Villages

You can spot some tribal villages near the Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary which adds some exceptional memories to your trip. You can spend some quality time at these villages, enjoying the tribal music and dance, food and the scenic beauty of these villages are simply breathtaking.

How To Reach Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary?

By Road: The closest city to the Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary is the city of Varanasi, which is a known pilgrim destination and a major tourist attraction of Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi is nearly 65 km away from the Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary and is connected via roadways in a smooth and simple way. You can go for your own private vehicle or else the public transportation, which is in great numbers to reach Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary.

By Rail: Unfortunately, the district of Chandauli doesn’t have any railway stations that connect well with the other major Railway stations of the country. So it is ideal to go with the Mughal Sarai railway station of Varanasi which is the closest major Railway station to Chandauli for boarding trains. Moreover, Varanasi and Chandauli are very well connected via roadways, and it’d be better to pick road transport from Varanasi to reach Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary.

By Air: Again, the district of Chandauli doesn’t have any airports, and so it’s better to pick the Lal Bahadur Shastri airport of Varanasi which is just 96 km away from the Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary. It is hardly a two-hour drive which will take you to the destination.

FAQs for Tourists Planning to Visit Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary

Where is Devdari and Rajdari Situated?

Devdari and Rajdari are two beautiful waterfalls, located in Uttar Pradesh and you can find them at the Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary. Situated in the district of Chandauli, both of these waterfalls are known for their scenic beauty and location.

Why is Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary Famous?

Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary is undoubtedly a popular wildlife sanctuary of Uttar Pradesh which is quite famous for many of its features and attractions. Starting with the presence of two of the famous waterfalls of Uttar Pradesh, Rajdari and Devdari; Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary is also known for its hilly terrains which people prefer for hiking activities. Moreover, the place is home to immense varieties of wildlife and plant life, and tourists visit the place for sightseeing and birdwatching too. The tribal villages which are located close to the wildlife sanctuary are also popular as a tourist attraction.

How Can I Go To Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary?

To reach Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary, it is ideal for picking the city of Varanasi as your tourist destination as it is easy to reach Varanasi and then to the district of Chandauli. Varanasi is just 65 km away from Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary, and since the road transportation is easy and convenient, it’d be wise to pick Varanasi as your immediate destination.


As you have seen, Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary is simply a site of beautiful scenic beauty and a perfect getaway location for enjoying your weekend. The place has everything to offer which will entertain you, bring out the adventurer in you and most importantly enjoy the moments to its core. So pack your bags, plan your trip to Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary when it is safe to travel again.

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