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Darjeeling - Top Hill Station in West Bengal To Make Your Summers Amazing

Top 10 Hill Stations in West Bengal To Make Your Summers Amazing (2024)

West Bengal is famous among tourists for a variety of reasons. From the lush greenery of dense forests to the Bay of Bengal’s grandeur, from the ancient historical spots to the mesmerizingly beautiful mountains, West Bengal does a great job in catering to every category of travellers. Although almost every tourist destination of this Indian state is quite popular, undoubtedly the hill stations in Bengal garner the maximum traffic of travellers. Wanderlust tourists across the globe visit West Bengal hill stations to soak in the beauty of nature.

A significant reason why there are so many gorgeous hill stations in West Bengal is that major mountain ranges and peaks are located there. The ethereal beauty of the Himalayas plays a significant role in offering such immense tourism in the state of West Bengal. There are so many ranges of the mighty Himalayas that can be seen from different parts of West Bengal, that often people go not get to see every one of them in their lifetime. Some of the significant Himalayan ranges in Bengal include Singalila range, Sinchula range, Chola range, Darjeeling-Kurseong range, etc. The northern part of Bengal is home to the glorious ranges of the Himalayas.

Apart from the northern part of West Bengal, its Western part also has some visually stunning hills. Most of these hills are located in Purulia and Bankura and are part of the Chota Nagpur Plateau mountains. The famous hills from the said mountain are Panchet hill, Ajodhya hills, and others.

Now, the ethereal beauty of these mountains and hills plays a major role in the popularity of these sites, but these towns’ ambience also plays a crucial role. Most of the hill stations in North Bengal have a substantial Gorkha population. That is why the lifestyle among these sites’ residents is quite different from the rest of the state.

Buddhism often plays a significant role in the lives of the people in the hill stations of Bengal. That is why throughout the towns, you will see shreds of evidence of Buddhism. Monasteries are a significant part of these trips. By visiting the hill stations in Bengal, you will receive a peace of mind that you have never acquired before.

Moreover, the Tibetan influence over the North Bengal hill stations makes the trip pretty different for the tourists visiting there. If you visit there, you see Tibetan influence in the local food of the regions.

Now, these dishes have become so popular that they have been made part of the street food culture of Bengal. If you plan on your summer vacation and do not know where to go, you are in luck. In this blog, we will talk about the best hill stations in West Bengal in depth. We are sure that by reading this blog, you will fix a destination for your upcoming trip.

Top 10 Hill Stations in West Bengal To Make Your Summers Amazing

The places mentioned in the following part of this blog are not provided in any order. They are all quite popular and famous for being exceptionally beautiful.

1. Darjeeling

Located at the height of 6,710 feet, Darjeeling is undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination in West Bengal. Often known as the “Queen of Hill Stations,” Darjeeling is famous all over the world. Surrounded by the enthralling Himalayas, this town is much more than a tourist spot. For many people, Darjeeling is a living and breathing being. Darjeeling - Top Hill Station in West Bengal To Make Your Summers Amazing

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The town has so much character that any new visitor will get entrapped in its ambience. If you go there during clear weather, you will have to witness the majestic Mount Kanchenjungha from any part of the city. Its mesmerizing beauty will never leave your mind. Even if you do not see Kanchenjungha due to any unprecedented weather condition, do not worry as this town is beautiful in every climatic condition.

With more than 80 tea gardens, Darjeeling is quite famous for producing high-quality tea in India. While exploring the city, never forget to have the experience of having a cup of Darjeeling tea by the grandeur of the tea gardens.

Distance from Bagdogra Airport: 70 km.

How to Reach: Darjeeling can be reached by trains or flights. The nearest and most important railway station from the town is NJP junction, and the nearest airport from the town is Bagdogra. You will have to rent a car from the said areas to go to Darjeeling. It would take you around three hours to reach Darjeeling from the said regions.

Places to See: Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Peace Pagoda, Tiger Hill, Happy Valley Tea Estate, and others.

Best Time To Visit: October to May.

2. Kalimpong

Kalimpong is the second-most famous hill station in West Bengal that is extremely beautiful. At the height of approximately 4000 feet, this town is comparatively easier to explore. Throughout the area, you will see the reminiscence of colonial architecture quite easily. Moreover, you will notice that both Buddhism and Christianity are quite prevalent in this region. That is why there are so many churches as well as monasteries located over there. The entire ambience surrounding this town will take you to another time.

While exploring Kalimpong, you will come by Deolo hill. This point is the heart of the town. Apart from being the highest point of the town, the region’s scenic beauty is genuinely mesmerizingly beautiful. Kalimpong is also a great place to start your trekking journey. As this region’s altitude is not that high, even novice trekkers can hike to different destinations from Kalimpong pretty quickly.
Top Hill Station in West Bengal To Make Your Summers Amazing-KalimpongImage Source

Distance from Bagdogra Airport: 78 km.

How to reach: Like Siliguri, the nearest airport and railway station from Kalimpong is located in Bagdogra and New Jalpaiguri respectively. You could easily travel there from both the areas within two and a half hours.

Places to see: Pine View Nursery, Graham’s House, Army Golf Club, Deolo Hills, and others.

Best time to visit: October to May.

3. Sandakphu

Mostly known for being the highest point of West Bengal, Sandakphu is genuinely a paradise on earth. As the altitude of Sandakphu is around 12000 feet, you could understand how difficult its climatic condition is. It is one of India’s few places where you could witness four most essential and highest peaks in the world. The peaks that one could see from Sandakphu include Lhotse, Everest, Makalu, and Kanchenjungha. Even though reaching Sandakphu is not an easy deal, the view that you will witness after reaching there will making every tiresome journey worth it.

It is often said that Sandakphu is only for experienced trekkers. Although trekking is a significant part of this trip, it is unnecessary to be an expert trekker to go there. It might take one more time to reach if they are beginners, but it is not impossible. Throughout the pathway to Sandakphu, tourists could enjoy the view of river Teesta. The lush greenery of the surrounding fir forests also makes the hike devoid of any tiredness.
Top-rated Hill Station in West Bengal-SandakphuImage Source

Distance from Bagdogra Airport: 114 km.

How to reach: Even a few years earlier, there way no other way other than trekking to reach Sandakphu, but now you could easily rent a car from NJP station or Bagdogra to reach there. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you will have to start your hike from Sukhiapori or Maneybhanjan. You could easily rent cars to visit Darjeeling from Maneybhanjan. The nearest railway station and airport from Sandakphu is located in NJP and Bagdogra respectively.

Places to see: Tonglu, Meghma, Phalut, Chitre, Shrikhola, and others.

Best time to visit: April to May, and October to early December.

4. Kurseong

Commonly known as the “Land of White Orchids,” Kurseong is one of the most beautiful hill stations in West Bengal. Surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful views of Mount Kanchenjungha, and the babbling river Teesta, this town is a perfect place to spend a few days amid natural beauty. One of the most notable features of Kurseong is the surrounding toy train track that covers the entire area. If you want to explore the town genuinely, take a ride on the toy train and have the experience of your life.

You will be surprised to know that several notable personalities from different fields had found sanctuary in the lap of Kurseong. People like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, and others have lived there for some time. As this town is reasonably populated, exploring it by availing the local transportation will not be a problem.
Best Hill Station in West Bengal-KurseongImage Source

Distance from Bagdogra Airport: 40 km.

How to reach: Kurseong can be reached within an hour and a half from Bagdogra or NJP. The said sites are the nearest airport and railway station from the town respectively.

Places to see: Eagle Craig, Dow Hill Park, Water Reservoir, Giddapahar Viewpoint, Hill Cart Road, and others.

Best time to visit: September to December and March to June.

5. Lava

Located at the height of 7709 feet, Lava is an exceptional beauty hill station in West Bengal. If you love tranquillity and the splendour of nature, then Lava is the perfect place for you. This tiny little hamlet offers people the opportunity to spend some days relaxing amid the vastness of nature. Throughout this town, you will see coniferous forests. The view of the lush green trees amid the wilderness of the Himalayas will transport you to a world that is full of calm. Many tourists keep on visiting Lava not only because of its mesmerizing beauty but also because of its people and ambience.

There are many nearby places located in Lava that travellers love to explore. If you love adventures, you can try to reach the said sites by hiking. Like most places in Northern Bengal, Lava is also profoundly influenced by Buddhism. That is why it has such a majestic monastery that accentuates the beauty of the site even more.

Distance from Bagdogra Airport: 50 km.

How to reach: You can reach Lava by travelling from Bagdogra or Njp within two hours. The nearest railway station and airport from Lava is located in Bagdogra and NJP respectively.

Places to see: Lava monastery, Kolakham, Rishop, Rachela Pass, Pedong, and others.

Best time to visit: September to June.

6. Fagu

Located right between the beautiful Lava and Gorubathan, Fagu is a relatively offbeat hill station in West Bengal. As this site’s altitude is 6200 feet, you can understand that the view witnessed from there is breathtakingly beautiful. A significant reason why this site is so rapidly gaining popularity is that from there you could get the unhindered view of the enchanting Mount Kanchenjungha. The snow-white peaks of the Himalayas will be one of the most outstanding views you have ever seen before. Moreover, the entirety of Fagu is surrounded by Pine and Fir forests.

These coniferous trees, along with the majestic mountains, make Fagu a genuine wonderland. The entire area of Fagu is also known for its tea gardens. While visiting there, do not forget to try authentic tea of North Bengal. There are some sightseeing spots scattered around the town that will make your Fagu trip even more worthwhile.

Distance from Bagdogra Airport: 96 km.

How to reach: The nearest railway station from Fagu is located in New Mal junction. If you rent a car from there, you would reach Fagu within 40 minutes easily.

Otherwise, you can go there by availing a flight. You will have to get a flight to Bagdogra as the nearest airport from the town is located over there.

Places to see: Jhandi Dara, Fagu tea estates, Mahananda River Valley, and others.

Best time to visit: October to December, and March to May.

7. Lolegaon

With a population of only 5000 people, Lolegaon is one of the quaintest and most beautiful hill stations in West Bengal. As this site is located not that far away from Lava, most tourists prefer to visit them on the same trip. Despite being so secluded, this town has many comfortable and luxurious resorts where you could spend a few days at ease. The entire village is surrounded by Pine and Fir trees. That is why there is so much visible greenery throughout the area. Most hill stations cannot be explored easily in the monsoons, but Lolegaon is pretty different in that way.

Sight-seeing Hill Station in West Bengal-Lolegaon

Photo Credit: Tanmay Dasgupta Image Source

Even if you go there in the monsoons, you will enjoy a distinct ambience absent during other parts of the year. Apart from the greenery, Lolegaon also allows you to get the mesmerizing vista of Mount Kanchenjungha on clear weather. This village is also known for its orchids and rare birds.

Distance from Bagdogra Airport: 103 km.

How to Reach: You could reach Lolegaon by availing both trains and flights. If you go there by train, you will have to access NJP station, and in case you play on visiting there by flight, you will have to access Bagdogra airport. It would take you around four hours to reach there.

Places to See: Canopy walk, Tiffindara sunset point, Changey waterfall, and others.

Best Time to Visit: September to February and March to May.

8. Takdah

One of the most popular hill stations in West Bengal, Takdah is an excellent choice for a vacation. As this site is relatively unknown to tourists, you could enjoy the genuine atmosphere of the Himalayas without witnessing a massive crowd like the famous hill stations in Bengal. Takdah’s location allows people to visit there from Darjeeling pretty quickly. Even though many tourists do not stay there a night and treat it as a sightseeing spot from Darjeeling, you should know there are many comfortable homestays located over there.

The view of the surrounding green mountains will make you fall in love with Takdah pretty quickly. Many tea gardens surround the region and make it one of the major tea producing regions of North Bengal.

Distance from Bagdogra Airport: 83 km.

How to reach: You could reach Takdah from NJP or Bagdogra within three and a half hours quite easily.

Places to see: Takdah monastery, Lamhatta Village, Mongpu, Takdah Orchid Center, and others.

Best time to visit: September to May.

9. Mirik

Apart from Darjeeling and Kalimpong, Mirik is the most visited hill stations in West Bengal. As this site is located pretty close to Bagdogra or Siliguri, people have fewer problems visiting it. This town might not be as beautiful as Darjeeling, but it has its charm. As the steepness in Mirik is pretty low, people who are not that physically active have an easier time exploring it. Moreover, the winters in Mirik are more bearable than the rest of the Northern part of Bengal. The primary attraction of this spectacular region is Mirik lake.

Tourists spend most of their time loitering along the pathways of the lake. Many people explore the lake even more genuinely by boating in it. Moreover, the view of Mount Kanchenjungha is visible mostly from the surrounding area of the lake. If you are planning on spending a few days without the hustle and bustle of city life, Mirik is a welcome option for you.
Popular Hill Station in West Bengal-MirikImage Source

Distance from Bagdogra Airport: 52 km.

How to reach: By availing plane or train, you could reach Mirik from different parts of India. Bagdogra and NJP are the nearest airport and railway station from Mirik respectively. From these sites, you could easily rent cars to reach the town.

Places to see: Mirik Lake, Tabakoshi village, Mirik Bazar, and others.

Best time to visit: September to May.

10. Tinchuley

Tinchuley is another offbeat location in West Bengal that is a paradise for people who prefer solitude over the noise. Derived from the phrase Tin Chullahs or Three Ovens, Tinchuley is a breathtakingly beautiful hamlet located in Darjeeling district of Bengal. You might be wondering what three ovens have to do with Tinchuley, and then you should know the three prominent peaks visible from the village look a lot like three ovens or chimneys. These mountain peaks make the scenic view of this village even more beautiful.

Even a few years earlier, there were no places to stay in the town. Now, the residents of Tinchuley have converted their beautiful homes into homestays to welcome guests overnight. By spending a few days in Tinchuley, you will genuinely get rejuvenated.
Attraction Hill Station in West Bengal-TinchuleyImage Source

Distance from Bagdogra Airport: 75 km.

How to reach: You could reach there from Bagdogra or NJP by hiring a car. It would not take you more than three hours to reach Tinchuley from the said towns.

Places to see: Tinchuley monastery, Orange orchards, Tinchuley view point, Gumbadara viewpoint, and others.

Best time to visit: October to April.

The destinations mentioned in this blog are all spectacular in every way. Although they are quite different from one another regarding population and culture, the natural beauty of every place is ethereal. No matter where you visit, you will get transported to a different world. You will reach a world with breathtaking mountain views, lush greenery of forests, and meandering rivers. We hope you find this blog useful and plan a trip according to your choice.

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