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Fram Museum-A Must Visit Attraction in Oslo, Norway

Fram Museum (Oslo): See The Amazing Sturdy Wooden Ship in The Museum. (2024)

Fram museum is located about 8 km from Oslo city center. Tourists can travel by city bus, tram, or train from Oslo city center or any other city of Norway. Most tourists of Oslo visit Fram Museum with an organized tour on a private tourist bus.

The main attraction of the Fram museum is a sturdy wooden ship that is placed in the middle of the main hall of the museum. Tourists are allowed to go up on the boat and take pictures of cabins and lounges. A guided tour explains the function of the exhibited ship during Viking age and also shows the cargo area of the ship and engine room.

Fram Museum-A Must Visit Attraction in Oslo, Norway

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The exhibits of the museum tell the story of Norwegian polar exploration. The Fram Museum was open for the public on 20 May 1936. The Fram name was picked from the original name of the boat that was used for exploration of sea north pole.

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