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Kon-Tiki Museum: A Must-Visit Attraction in Oslo

Kon-Tiki Museum: See Several Exhibits From The Kon-Tiki Expedition & the Skeletal of Whale Shark (2024)

Kon-Tiki Museum is located at the Bygdoy peninsula next to the Fram museum. The Kon-Tiki museum is about 8 km from Oslo city center. The entry fee is about $ 12. The museum has several exhibits from the Kon Tiki expedition. The library has about 8000 books that describe the details of geographical exploration and the history of the expedition. The architectural plan of the museum was done by F. S. Platou and the museum was open from visitors in 1957. The historical exhibits of the museum-like Kon-Tiki raft and Ra II boat are the most favored by tourist since it tells the story of adventurer Norwegians. The museum also has a skeletal of Whale Shark that was encountered by voyagers.

Kon-Tiki Museum: A Must-Visit Attraction in Oslo

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