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Natural History Museum & Botanical Gardens

Natural History Museum & Botanical Gardens-The Oldest & The Largest Museum of Natural History in Oslo, Norway. (2024)

Natural History Museum & Botanical Garden is located in the center of Oslo city. The museum is the oldest and largest museum of natural history is a place to visit for all tourist visiting Oslo, Norway. Museum was initially constructed for the exhibition of zoology, botany, and geology items in 1814. The zoological section displays sea life from all over the world. The botanical garden has over 3,000 plants outside as well as in a greenhouse. Besides, the museum also has several hundred of fossils and rock samples as well as minerals. Several botany and zoology students come to the museum from Norway and neighboring Scandinavian countries. Tourists in most cases rush through the museum otherwise one can spend an entire day reading and seeing the entire collection of museums.

Natural History Museum & Botanical Gardens

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