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Visit Tirana - The Capital City of Albania

Visit Tirana: The Capital City of Albania (2024)

Visit Tirana - The Capital City of Albania

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Tirana is a capital town in Albania. The city of Tirana is about 17 miles east of the Adriatic sea. Turkish General Barkinzade Süleyman Paşa founded the city in the 17th century. He promoted a city for the mosque, spas, and restaurants to attract Albanian to settle in the town. The city is divided into an old and modern city. Tourists like to visit the following places that are spread around the town of Tirana in Albania. There are several attractions and places for tourist to visit in Tirana.

Beautiful Places To See At City Of Tirana

A. Skandberg Square

Skandberg square is located in the center of Tirana. The square is named after national leader Giergi Kastrioti Skandberg. Tourists see the monument that is located in the middle of the square that occupies 40,000 square meters. The square was built in 1917 by an Austrian architecture. The Skandberg Square in Tirana has a fountain in the center. The square was renovated in 2017.

B. Piramida

The beautiful building Piramida was constructed in 1987 that architecturally looked like a pyramid. The Piramida building in Tirana was a unique symbol of the fall of communism and freedom of the Republic of Albania. The initial plan was approved to build the Piramida to honor Enver Hoxha, who ruled Albania from 1944-85. The Piramida is not used, and at present only visitors are allowed to visit the building.

Place To See At City Of Tirana-Piramida

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C. Dajti Ekspres

The cable car connects the top of the mountain that lies east of the Tirana town. Most families and a group of tourists take a cable car to see the mountain top’s town. The top of the mountain is 800 meters above the flat land, and the distance traveled by cable car is about one kilometer. The tourists love to take pictures of the surrounding nature and town.

D. Tirana Museum

The Tirana museum is located next to Skandberg square. The national history museum has several hundred archeological artifacts, displays the history of Albania and antique mosaic. The exhibits from the stone age to the 19th century are displayed and classified in a spacious museum. Visitors must check the opening hours and entry fees before visiting the museum. Tourists will need 2 to 3 hours to see all the exhibits.

E. Et’hem Bey Mosque

The Et’hem Bey mosque in Tirana was built in the 19th century. The mosque was the place of freedom for the entire Albania after the freedom from the communist ruling. Ten thousand people gathered in the mosque after the fall of the communist party on 10th January 1991. The Et’hem Bey mosque is now used as a religious place and used for prayer during certain hours; visitors can see the mosque. Inside the mosque, some exhibits are showing the history of the Muslim religion in Albania.

Amazing Place To See At City Of Tirana-Et’hem Bey Mosque

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The tourists should visit the following places that are located at walking distance from Skandberg square.

F. The National Institute of folklore,

G. National Theatre, and

E. Concert hall.

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