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Luxe Camper - Budget Friendly Caravans In India To Rent For A Safe Road Drive

8 Budget-Friendly Caravans In India To Rent For A Safe Road Drive (2024)

“Travelling is the best way to feel life at its best. It makes us realize how beautiful the world is.” And India is a country that has so much in it that can be explored, starting from mountains, forests, deserts, to various monuments and historical places, and gardens. So, if you are a travel lover, then there is so much to see in India. However, what could be more exciting is when you have a home running with you throughout your travel. Confused? Well, we are talking about the Caravans which are more like moving home and are one of the best things that travelers can ever have. In India, travelers can confidently book some of the caravans for rent and visit any place without compromising on the comfort and luxury of home.

8 Budget-Friendly Caravans In India To Rent For A Safe Road Drive

If you are excited enough to know more about these mini home-on-wheels or the Caravans, then take a read further and explore some of the budget-friendly caravans in India to rent for a safe road drive.

1. Luxe Camper

Luxe Camper is a premium Caravan that takes you anywhere around Karnataka. It is a part of the Bengaluru-based start-up Campervan Camps and Holidays India Pvt Ltd.

Amenities: This caravan offers 200 sqft of space and has an excellent seating area and sofas in it. There are two bedrooms with two lounges that can be converted into queen-sized beds. Moreover, there is also a kitchenette along with a three-hob induction cooker, toaster, kettle, a large freezer, refrigerator, and also RO system. There is also a toilet and shower having solar panels and the benefit of hot water.

You can also enjoy the benefit of Wi-Fi, a 360-degree camera, GPS tracking, an emergency exit, and a speed governor too.

Food/Meals: Meals are generally cooked at the campsites. There is an outdoor barbeque connection in the Caravan. ITC and MTR pre-cooked meal kits are also available on board.

Campsites That Can Be Visited: Some of the sites where you can travel in this caravan are a mix of beaches, historic places, wildlife sanctuaries, etc. such as Gokarna, Hampi, Bheemeshwari, Kabini, and Bandipur.

Cost: Your single trip can range between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 for two adults per day. It would cost you Rs. 49,000 for a two-trip to Bheemeshwari. If you choose a three-day trip to Sakrebailu Elephant Camp on the caravan or Kabini, it would cost you around Rs. 74,000/- and Rs. 69,000/- respectively.

NOTE: You do not have any option to self-drive. Luxe Camper comes with an experienced driver.

2. Wacation Wheels

Another sensation in the world of caravan rentals in India came into operation in 2016 in the name of Wacation Wheels. You can hire these budget-friendly caravans in Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Indore, and Bhopal. A caravan from Wacation Wheels can cover around 250 km per day.

Amenities: Two types of caravans can be rented; one that accommodates four people at a time and the other where 9 people can get accommodation. The largest caravan from Wacation Wheels has nine expandable berths. You get extremely furnished berths with clean bed sheets, pillows, and blankets. There are also camping chairs and tables available for you if you wish to sit outside when the caravan is parked at night.

A kitchenette is present in the caravans with an LPG gas, a small refrigerator, a microwave, barbeque, and utensils. There is also an LCD Television and music system in the caravans. A toilet and shower with cold and hot running water are available throughout your travel and camping.

Apart from all these, you can also use the air-conditioners and air-conditioning is available for 4 hours a day. However, anything beyond 4 hours of use would charge you an additional Rs. 300 per hour.

Food/Meals: You need to pay for all food supplies or food items throughout the travel in the caravan.

Campsites That Can Be Visited: You can travel to over 30 campsites across Central, Northern, and Western India. You can go to the deserts of Rajasthan, the beaches of Goa, the Konkan belt, and also the hills of Manali, and Leh.

Cost: The cost of caravan rentals vary depending on the size of the caravan that you take on rent. However, it would approximately come to Rs. 2,500 per person per night. Any caravan that can accommodate 9 people would cost you Rs. 25,000/- per night.

NOTE: All caravans from this caravan rental come with a driver and there is no option for self-driving.

3. Trippy Wheels

A Bangalore-based travel company named Trippy Wheels offers fully furnished and comfortable caravans that can make your road trips easier and more memorable. They are one of the first affordable caravan rental companies in India. There are four caravans from Trippy Wheels that are not just cozy, but also exciting to look at with all the funky and colorful things on them.

Amenities: The largest caravans from Trippy Wheels can accommodate 9 people. The best thing about the caravan is that it has central air-conditioning. Moreover, there is also a furnished kitchenette with a stove, cutlery, utensils, crockery, and storage facilities. You can also enjoy the benefits of a music system, along with some amazing board games, and a tent to camp outside.

Food/Meals: There is an outdoor barbeque facility and basic food is served here. You can cook your meals while on the trip.

Campsites That Can Be Visited: Some of the special campsites that you can visit in the caravan are BR Hills, Hampi, Hirekolale Lake, Kundapura, Bhadra Sanctuary, Dubare Forest Camp, Tla Kaveri, Sakrebayalu, Dandeli, and Yana. Apart from all these, you can also take the caravan on a journey outside Karnataka to go to Andhra Pradesh or Goa.    

Cost: Since the sleeping or seating capacity of every caravan is different, the pricing would also vary accordingly. If you rent the Kanasu, it would cost you around 9, 999/- per day, while if you hire the El Toro or El Zorro you would have to pay around 5, 999/- per day. Apart from this, you need to pay the driver’s daily allowance, which goes to around Rs. 400/- per day, and fuel.

NOTE: Trippy Wheels have its drivers and there is no option for self-driving facilities. It must also be noted that the caravan does not have a washroom. However, the driver will guide you to partner hotels where you can stop and freshen up.

4. Motorhome Adventure

Motorhome Adventure is a Delhi-based travel company from which you can rent caravans. Apart from Delhi, you can also rent their caravans in Bhopal, Bangalore, and many cities in Madhya Pradesh.

Amenities: There are different types of caravans and you can choose the best one for you, that can accommodate small groups to larger ones. These caravans come with two berths to twelve berths. The facilities of these caravans vary based on size. However, some general amenities that you can expect from Motorhome Adventure are a huge lounge area with sofa-cum-bed, a slide-out kitchen off the board, burners, a basin, a microwave, a fridge, and utensils. It also has a bathroom with cold and hot water facilities.

You can also take on a party caravan named, “Club on Wheels” that has a bar, DJ area, dance floor, lounge area, smoke area, and some other basic amenities.

Food/Meals: There is a fair kitchen space for cooking while traveling. However, you need to have your groceries and prepare your meal by yourself.

Campsites That Can Be Visited: You can customize your trip and travel in Motorhome Adventures. You can also get a scope to prepare your itineraries for various destinations, including Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Ladakh, Rajasthan, and many others.

Cost: The cost for a four-berth Caravan from Motorhome Adventure would be around Rs. 14,000/- per night.

NOTE: The caravans come with a driver and there is no option for self-driving.

5. Green Dot Expedition

The spacious overland truck “Taurus” or the caravan is owned by Capt. Suresh Sharma and you can take this on road trips around Rajasthan, Kutch, Himachal Pradesh, or Ladakh.

Amenities: One caravan can accommodate up to 8 passengers in it. There are 8 front-facing reclining and pushback seats in it. You can use two types of toilets, including one on board and a portable toilet. There are solar panels that help in charging cameras, cell phones, laptops, etc. Moreover, there is also a facility of locker and plenty of space in the campervan to accommodate baggage. A kitchenette with burners and cookware is also available. Other amenities include tents, tables, chairs, hammocks, and a barbecue.

Food/Meals: The onboard crew would prepare food or meals including breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and tea.

Campsites That Can Be Visited: You can choose to camp by the river banks of the Indus river in Ladakh or the secluded beach in Kutch or the dunes of Jaisalmer. A wide range of itineraries is offered by Green Dot Expeditions.

Cost: The cost per person and night would be from Rs. 7, 000- to Rs. 10, 000/-

NOTE: Capt. Suresh Sharma accompanies the vehicle. There is no option to self-drive the caravan.

6. MTDC Camper Van, Maharashtra

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation or MTDC and Mothom launched campervans jointly for people to explore the beauty and wilderness of the state. This is a mini home-on-wheels having all essentials that might be needed.

Amenities: The campervan has a small bedroom, a kitchen, a space for living room, a washroom, and also a terrace area. The best part of this caravan is that the pricing is reasonable.

Food/Meals: You will get all essentials to cook your meal on the go.

Campsites That Can Be Visited: MTDC Camper van has a lot to offer to travel lovers. You can visit several tourist destinations, go to different adventure sites and explore Maharashtra, may it be the Sahyadri hills or the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, or anything else.

Cost: You can book a smaller van at Rs. 4,000 per day. If you choose to take their bigger vehicle, it would cost you Rs. 21,000/- per day

NOTE: This comes with an attendant and a driver

7. Camper Trails

Camper Trails is a Bangalore-based caravan service that is centrally air-conditioned and is known to offer a great travel experience for people who love to explore the state of Karnataka with comfort and safety.

Amenities: Five people can be accommodated in the caravan. It is centrally air-conditioned with a generator as power backup. There is a kitchenette with two induction burners, utensils, and other required items for cooking. There is a mini refrigerator, barbeque, and a microwave too. The caravan has a toilet and a small tub with cold and hot water shower facilities. You can also enjoy the benefit of a TV and music system in the caravan. There is also an availability of portable showers, tents, camping chairs, indoor games, and types of equipment to play badminton, cricket, archery, etc.

Food/Meals: The major part of any trip is food. So, when you are planning to go on a caravan trip with Camper Trails, you enjoy the liberty to cook. You need to charge an extra amount for the food or the groceries.

Campsites That Can Be Visited: You can go on to various campsites including Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, Gokarna, Coorg, Mangalore, Kabini, Mysore, Dandeli, and  Bandipur Reserve. You can also enjoy your journey to Goa.

Cost: The cost for five people on weekdays in the caravan is Rs. 8000/- while on weekends, it is Rs. 10,000/-per day.

NOTE: The trailer is attached to a Tata Xenon Truck and it is driven by an experience Camper Trails driver. There is no option for self-driving.

8. Camping Co

You can go on a caravan trip anywhere and explore wonderful Northeastern India. The best thing about this is you can self-drive and go on your trip.

Amenities: The outlander truck Xenon of Camping Co, comes with a rooftop tent that can be used under the stars or even by the banks of rivers. The caravan does not come with a washroom or kitchenette.

Food/Meals: The company has partnered with various properties that would allow you to use their kitchen and restaurants, and have the best food while you are on the trip

Campsites That Can Be Visited: The best thing about Camping Co caravans is that can travel anywhere around Northeast India and you can self-drive.

Cost: You would have to pay Rs. 3,000/- per night for two people when you take this caravan.

NOTE: You can self-drive the caravan


Today, Caravan tourism is popular among travel enthusiasts in India because of the amazing facilities and comfort that they offer to travelers. These were some of the best and Budget-friendly caravans in India to rent for a safe road drive. If you are planning a caravan trip, then choose any of the above-mentioned caravans and enjoy an amazing and unique experience on your road trip to some of the best places in India.

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