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Angel Island in San Francisco

Angel Island in SF: Get The Spectacular View of Golden Gate, Alcatraz Island and City of San Francisco (2024)

Angel Island is located in San Francisco bay. The island is in the north of the city of San Francisco and west of Golden Gate Bridge. The ferry from San Francisco take 12 minutes to reach the island. The tour is worthwhile considering the feel of cool breeze of fresh air on island and also being away from the city.

The tourists love the spectacular view of Golden Gate, Alcatraz Island and city of San Francisco from Angel Island. The coffee shop on the island is good place to relax before taking ferry back to San Francisco.

The Angel island is the second largest island around San Francisco. The center of island is the tallest section of the island with height of 788 feet. The peak point of island is also known as Mount Livermore. The facility was built on island in late 18th century and named Fort McDowell. Later the island was named “Fort McDowell” in 19th century. Visitors should visit immigration museum to know more about the Asian immigrants and also visit the Camp Reynolds that was used as an old civil war military base.Angel Island in San Francisco

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Tourists should take the Angel Islands tram tour. The tour last about an hour. The tram stops to view and take pictures of Golden Gate, city of San Francisco and Alcatraz island. The tram also passes along the Immigration Museum, Camp Reynolds, the Nike Missile Site, and Fort McDowell.

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