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Fort Point - A Must-Visit Attraction of San Francisco

Fort Point: A Must-Visit Attraction of San Francisco (2024)

The old civil war Fort was standing facing sea prior to the construction of Golden Bridge. Civil Engineer Joseph Strauss who was in charge of construction of Golden bridge, realized the historic importance of the Fort. The Fort was located on southern side of future bridge and he decided to construct the Golden Gate Bridge around the old Fort.

The Fort was built in 1974 by army of Spanish settlers. The Fort was named Castillo de San Joaquin. The Mexican army owned the Fort in 1821 following declaration of independence of Mexico from Spain. The damaged Castle was ignored by the Mexican army. The castle was taken over by US forces in 1846 during Mexican American war. In 1853 the work began to rebuild and restore the Fort and it was completed in 1861. The castle was the center of Pacific Coast security system. Fort Point had a mount for 141 cannon and never used any unrest or war.

Today, Fort Point is a National Historic Site in San Francisco, USA. The Fort is managed by Golden Gate National Services.Fort Point - A Must-Visit Attraction of San Francisco

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