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Places to Visit in Kerteminde

Kerteminde Travel Guide, Denmark|Top Attractions to Visit in Kerteminde (2024)

Kerteminde is a small town in Denmark with a population of about 6,000 people located about 157 km (98 miles) west of Copenhagen. Most tourists coming to Kerteminde in Denmark prefer to stay at Odense, the nearest town about 20 km (12.5 miles) from Kerteminde. Visitors like to see Johannes Larson Museum, the Ladby Ship grave, and Karteminde Marina while seeing the fishing town. The main source of income for people in Kerteminde is farming and deep-sea fishing.

Places to Visit in Kerteminde Include:

  1. Johannes Larsen Museum- The museum was named after a Danish nature painter. The museum exhibits several paintings of birds and nature.  Johannes Larsen Museum - Famous Place to Visit in KertemindeImage Source
  2. Fjord & Bælt’s Exhibitions- The museum has exhibits of Jelly Fish, Skeletal of Whale and several informative presentations of marine life. 
  3. The Ladby Ship Grave- The shipyard is also known as Viking Ship. This museum is an open place that has several worn-out Viking ships.  The Ladby Ship Grave - Top Place to Visit in KertemindeImage Source
  4. Karteminde Marina

The Top Places to see in Denmark-

1. Copenhagen
2. Odense
3. Valdemars Castle

4. Kerteminde

5. Egeskove Castle

6. Kolding City Tour

7. Oresund Bridge

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