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Kolding City Tour Guide(Denmark)

Kolding City Tour Guide(Denmark) | Tourist Attractions in Kolding City (2024)

Kolding city in Denmark is a smaller town than Odense. The city of Kolding is about 70 km (46 miles) west of town Odense. The population of Kolding is about 91,000. The historical battle of Kolding was fought in 1658 by the Danish army against Polish aggressive soldiers. Kolding was also the battlefield for the war against Germans in 1849. The Kolding town has excellent small hotels and restaurants at a reasonable cost.

Tourists visit the following places while at the city of Kolding:

  1. Kolding Castle- The castle was built in the 13th century by King Eric Klipping. Castle was used as a royal family residence for several years. The castle is located in the center of the city of Kolding and surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping places. The castle was burnt to dust in 1808. The castle was rebuilt in 1970. The museum in the castle also has exhibits of ancient artwork and sculptures.Kolding City Tour Guide(Denmark) Image Source
  2. Trapholt Art Museum- The museum was open for the exhibition is 1988. The exhibits inside the museum show the Danish art of creating furniture. There are over hundreds of modern and historical pieces of furniture, sculptures, and artwork to see at the museum.
  3. Saint Nikolai Church- The church is not too far from the city center. The original church was built in the 14th century. The church was rebuild in 1885. The church architect influences modern and ancient architecture.

The Top Places to see in Denmark-

1. Copenhagen
2. Odense
3. Valdemars Castle

4. Kerteminde

5. Egeskove Castle

6. Kolding City Tour

7. Oresund Bridge

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