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The Zappeioc in Athens- Magnificent Palace of Greece

The Zappeioc in Athens: Magnificent Palace of Greece. (2024)

Zappeion is the magnificent palace constructed in 1878 by Evangelis Zappas under the direction of Danish Architect Theophil Von Hansen. The land was given free for the Zappeion building by the Greek Parliament before the revival of the Olympic games.

The Zappeion building was opened on October 20, 1888. The building was used as a pavilion and main fencing hall during the 1896 Summer Olympic Games. Later in 1906 Intercalated games were held in Athens and during the events the Zappeion building was used as Olympic Village.

The Zappeioc in Athens- Magnificent Palace of Greece

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The section of the building was used by the National Radio Foundation until 1970. At present, the Zappeion building is used for meetings, conventions, and exhibitions.

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